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skfmf77 has 8 years experience as a MSN and specializes in Emergency/Internal medicine.

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  1. NYU post master AGACNP 2022

    Hi, has anyone got into this program? I want to have more info like schedule, credit, etc.. please share anything you know about this post-master program! I'm nervous to juggle a full-time job with this program!
  2. anyone took AANP without official transcript?

    Thank you so much!!
  3. Hi 🙂 I'm planning to take AANP FNP board next week! I am so nervous but I don't think I can wait anymore, LOL. I graduated 8/31/20 and during the last Summer semester, finished Barkley review course. since I applied board right after my gra...
  4. SUNY downstate FNP 2018 fall!

    Hi guys! I'm currently working in busy ED and starting FNP program at Downstate on this fall. I'm just wondering who's gonna be my classmates! you can send me a message or put some comments below :) thanks!
  5. SUNY Downstate FNP FALL 2018

    I applied November 2017! and they extended deadline to March of this year :)
  6. SUNY Downstate FNP FALL 2018

    Hi! I also have applied and haven't heard yet either. wish I can study there with you guys :)
  7. Hiring process?!

    I recommend you to call them!! if you have number!! I called HR lady and I think it worked well!! remind them you have interest on that position and door will be opend
  8. Hiring process?!

    I got the job :) !!!
  9. Hiring process?!

    hmm I asked her right before when I went to home. she said 1week but she wasnt sure as HR has a plan..
  10. Hiring process?!

    Hi everyone. I just got the interview at a teaching hospital and I need some advice from you. actually, I have experience in ED in out of states(Korea) and I've worked at the city hospital(also teaching) on med-surge unit for 3 months as an agency n...
  11. Adult NP or Adult Acute NP

    Hi, I have a question about being an adult NP or 'Acute' Adult NP. If I want to work in a hospital setting, should I choose acute adult NP program or adult NP program? Actually, I don't know difference between them. And, I'd like to work at ICU or E...
  12. Hi. I have a question about quick result

  13. Hi. I have a question about quick result

    I get the QUICK result at AM12:00 in korea time, and I PASSED!!!!
  14. Hi. I have a question about quick result

    And because I tested in OSAKA, japan there is different time. This reason can be holding the quick result?..
  15. Hi. I have a question about quick result

    I apply for NY BON. SO I can use quick result. If I can view credit card page, Im not holded?..