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  1. Tech as manager

    PS--There are only 2 full time nurses in our department. We have 1 IR suite and also do sedation/monitoring in CT, US, and MRI and have a ton of odd duties. Since my coworker left, I am now on call every day until the new nurse is trained(which sho...
  2. what age did you decide to become a nurse

    I graduated with an unrelated BS, couldn't find a job.. I was about 23? Someone said I should try nursing--I figured, ehh, might as well give it a shot. Haven't regretted that decision for a second!!!
  3. I was especially amused by the interest in counseling teenagers about getting circumcisions to prevent STDs. Are we that afraid to teach about safe sex that we are proposing surgeries rather than teach them to "wrap it up?"
  4. Questions for Rad nurses!

    How did everything work out? I've been in IR for about 2 years--its a really cool place to work. Yes, you get used to the lead, just use anti-fatigue mats if possible. If not, move around every few minutes. The most important quality to me for an ...
  5. What's considered sedation?

    Hey All, I'm looking to hear what is considered conscious sedation. I currently work in IR and our definition is a combination of a sedative and narcotic. Another hospital within my health system, however, frequently uses a "cocktail" of these medic...
  6. Tech as manager

    Wow! As unfortunate as this is, I am heartened to hear other IR nurses have the same issues and frustrations with non-nursing management. Recently I almost lost it when our tech Manager refused to let there be a nurse in on the interviews for a nur...
  7. Hi All, There is a Perioperative Nurse Internship program starting soon at my hospital. This could be the magic opportunity that I have been looking for!! I am typically great at interviews, but this one will be different. My concern is the panel in...