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Hi All,

There is a Perioperative Nurse Internship program starting soon at my hospital. This could be the magic opportunity that I have been looking for!! I am typically great at interviews, but this one will be different.

My concern is the panel interview. I have never had an interview with this format, nor for this specialty. Any advice on good panel etiquette? What types of questions will they be asking? Any tips on impressing these folks?

I cannot tell you all how much I would appreciate some insight!!!

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The panel interview usually (at least at my facility) includes the nurse manager, a specialty line supervisor, an RN, and a surgical tech. Typically, they ask the same interview questions you can expect at a one on one interview, but this provides those making the decision with a wider point of view. It makes sense, since working in the OR you will be working with a team consisting of an RN, a surgical technologist, the surgeon, and the anesthesia provider (and sometimes more than that, depending on the type of surgery and the staffing structure of the facility where you are applying). Basically, prepare as you would for any other interview, wear professional attire, etc. A lot of the questions will likely focus on teamwork and conflict resolution, as bad teamwork and conflict can really lead to some pretty big mistakes (like wrong site/patient/procedure surgical errors). When I had my panel interview for my position, it really was just like any other interview; there weren't really any questions specific to things an OR nurse needs to know. Granted, this is my personal experience and other facilities may handle interviews differently.


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My panel interview was daunting, but it wasn't OR specific. The questions they asked are the sorts of questions you can google to prepare for any sort of interview, much as Rose_Queen states. I had very little notice (less than 24 hours) and minimal prep time. I scoffed at the idea that the questions would be general, but my spouse insisted we practice/drill a few. Lo and behold, several of those were in the interview -- I was quite surprised.

Going to be honest -- I'm still sitting around wondering how they picked me. Go in and be yourself -- I'm beginning to think it comes down to more about personality and how well they think you will mesh with them.