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Senior nursing student at Drexel University, in Philadelphia PA.

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  1. lissetteyy_

    Thomas Jefferson University?

    Thank you for your reply!
  2. lissetteyy_

    Feeling Defeated :(

    Okay everyone, I didn't mean to start any arguments here. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even if they want vocalize it in a disrespectful/rude way. That is entirely up to them. I was simply having a bad day and was really upset about not meeting my goal. People have good days and bad days. Today is a good day, and I feel much better as I've passed my exit Hesi with an outstanding score on the first try. It only reinforces the fact that I know what I what I am doing and I WILL be a successful nurse. As for the "you're not even a nurse" comment.. I might not be a nurse yet, but within a month I will be. What difference does it make? As I said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And I would like to believe that those who decide to pursue nursing as a career, do so because they care about others and love helping people. It may be naive, and of course some do it for the money. But it is simply my opinion. And I am entitled to it.
  3. lissetteyy_

    Feeling Defeated :(

    My apologies, it seems that I didn't really make myself clear. I am graduating from the program in 2 weeks, so I already know what my final gpa is. That's why I was so upset. I needed a 90 on my final and got an 89.54 and they don't round the Hesi for us, so I came up short by less than 0.1 points. As for the depression, I was able to get out of it after a year and a half of therapy. So I'm fine in terms of that! I don't need any help anymore, I've been good. I've just been trying to fix the mess that I made with my previous grades. I know that I am completely capable of excelling in a graduate program, my only problem would be actually getting into the program And honestly, if you have nothing nice to say, please don't say it at all. We as nurses are supposed to be compassionate, supportive, and understanding. I am sure that you had to take a mental health nursing course at some point in your program. How am I any different from any of your patients who has severe depression? Is it okay for you to tell your patient to "suck it up"? I would hope that that's not the type of nurse that you are. Insensitive and judgmental. Everyone is different and handles their situation differently. I was an 18 year old in the U.S. by myself with little to no support, and I was going through a very rough time and did not know how to handle it. So please do not come here and tell me how I should or shouldn't feel or act based on your biased opinion.
  4. lissetteyy_

    Feeling Defeated :(

    I struggled with major depression for the first 3 years of my academic journey (I attend a university that offers a 5-year BSN program). Some days I couldn't even bare the thought of getting out of bed because I wanted to just run into traffic and die. It was an awful experience. It took a year and a half of therapy for me to get back to normal and begin to live my life again. By that point my gpa was at a 2.74 and I almost lost my full tuition scholarship. I already had 120 credits and it was so hard for me to try to bring up my gpa. I had been in depression for so long that I hadn't given grad school a thought, and now that I have finally figured out what it is that I want to do with my life, it seems impossible. For those who might say that I should've taken a leave of absence and not ruin my gpa, I live in the U.S. alone. My entire family lives in Puerto Rico and they do not help me financially or emotionally with anything. I needed to keep my scholarship, I couldn't just take a break. I had nowhere to live but on campus in a dorm paid by loans. After a year and a half of hard work, my gpa was at a 3.07 and I was so proud. Can I really reach a 3.1 for graduation?! Unfortunately, I guess not. I worked my butt off and still came up short with only a 3.097 and I am so disappointed. I know that the difference isn't great but I thought at least a 3.1 looks better than the 3.09 when applying to grad schools. I was planning on taking 2 graduate level courses un-matriculated, to show that I can achieve greatness. But even so, now I feel that it won't matter because my gpa will still stand in the way of getting into a good NP program. I am heartbroken. I don't know what to do. Has anyone else been in a similar position?
  5. lissetteyy_

    What Nursing school are you in? Show your pride!

    BSN at Drexel University in Philadelphia :)
  6. lissetteyy_

    Thomas Jefferson University?

    Hello! I just wanted to know if anyone here has attended TJU for their NP program. I am planning on enrolling for either their FNP or WHNP (haven't decided yet) and would love to know what you think of the program. They are accredited and have a 95% pass rate for their boards. However, I cannot find online whether we have to find our own clinical placements or not. Any input would be greatly appreciated! :)
  7. lissetteyy_


    Hello all! I apologize if someone has posted about the same topic recently. I have been searching and reading through forums for hours and have found that most of the posts were old. I am very interested in practicing women's health nursing. I have seen a lot of people recommend not to pursue a career in WHNP, and go for FNP instead. However, I feel that the information that I will learn in an FNP program will be too broad for me. I'm not interested in children or older adults. I want to feel passionate about what I am learning and knowledgable in the field of women's health. My question is, has anyone here gone to school for FNP and pursue a career in women's health? If so, do you feel that you were adequately prepared for such a specialty, even with such a broad range of knowledge? For those who have pursued a career in WHNP, how long did it take you to land your first job? Thank you to anyone who is kind enough to reply! As I stated before, I've seen very few posts like this on here and most were too long ago for me to consider them to still be relevant.
  8. lissetteyy_

    Going crazy trying to decide on a good online FNP program

    Hello uronurse1, I am hoping to attend TJU in the fall of 2016 and would love to hear more about your experience with the university. I will be enrolling in their FNP program as well. Do you think it is possible to work full-time for at least the first year and a half of the program? This would be with me attending TJU part-time, which would take 3 years to complete. I would love to enroll full-time but I think it would be more realistic for me to enroll part-time and continue to work full-time. Any advice you could provide for me would be greatly appreciated. -Lissette
  9. May I ask where you got the practice questions that you used? Were they included in this book or separate?
  10. lissetteyy_

    Getting into school with low GPA?

    Hello guys, I am currently a nursing student, graduating in June 2015. For many reasons I won't get into here, my gpa is only a 3.0 right now. From here to June it can only go up to a 3.1 if I am lucky. My gpa was a 2.74 and bringing it up to where it is now has been hard but I did it. Now here is my question, is it almost impossible for me to get into a CNM program in PA/NJ because of my low gpa? Is there anything that I can do that will help me to get in?
  11. lissetteyy_

    Strategies to Pass Exit HESI

    Hello! My my school requires us to achieve a 950 on the exit HESI in order for us to graduate and receive our diploma. Whether this is fair or not, that is the requirement. I am very concerned about trying to achieve such a high score. Any tips for those who aren't particularly great at HESI exams? I do have the HESI NCLEX a review book, and it helped me achieve my highest HESI score - a 1090 - on my maternity HESI. However, it didn't help me with my mental health HESI (a terrible 751). I am worried that it won't be enough to help me pass! Any suggestions?
  12. lissetteyy_

    Online Test Anxiety (Hesi)

    Hello guys! I attend Drexel University and as part of our curriculum, we must take a Hesi exam per every nursing course. That Hesi exam counts towards our grade for the class. I have slowly overcome test anxiety when it comes to a physical paper and pencil type of test, but I cannot get over my anxiety for online testing! I have been performing much, much better in my nursing classes (90s on all of my exams so far in Mental Health and Women's Health nursing). However, I always score in the low 70s on the Hesi exam that corresponds to that nursing course It seems that it is impossible for me to concentrate when I'm staring at a computer screen. I can't go back and change my answer, I can't underline key words, I can't draw things or re-write the question in my own words. It is so much harder for me to take these exams without having the ability to flip through the exam and skip questions that I don't know the answer to right away. It's terrifying. I would love to keep my A in these classes but I always end up with a lower grade because I do poorly on these Hesi exams. Any advice for me on how to overcome this? I can't even do practice questions on my computer because I simply cannot concentrate on a computer! Help

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