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TheSurfingNurse has 3 years experience as a BSN, CNA, RN.

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  1. TheSurfingNurse

    UCLA New Graduate Residency Winter 2019-2020

    Has anybody heard anything back at all (good or bad news) from 4NW after their first interview? I'm starting to get nervous! Thank you and congrats to all who got a position! I haven't heard anything back after my first interview. My nerves are starting to get me to me!
  2. TheSurfingNurse

    UCLA New Graduate Residency Winter 2019-2020

    I also interviewed that day for the same unit and i'm also freaking out. I don't feel like mine went as well as I wanted it to go and it felt so quick! Here's hoping we hear back soon!
  3. TheSurfingNurse

    Give me some sample interview questions!

    Calling all nurses who have been through new-graduate nursing residency interviews! I am about to start interviews for several new-grad residencies this Fall/Winter and would love to hear some of the questions you were asked during you interviews as a new-grad. This would help me in my preparation a lot! Thank you!
  4. My father gets horribly sick every single year about two weeks after receiving the influenza vaccination on the spot. Most of the time it seems to be rhinovirus and/or some sort of stomach bug. As a nursing student, I want to be able to make sense of this and explain to him why it happens, but I really can't seem to figure it out. I know that the flu vaccine contains an inactive form of the influenza virus, thus not being able to actually get you sick with the flu. However, could your body be made more susceptible to getting other respiratory viruses in the process of immune response to the vaccine in your system? Thank you!
  5. TheSurfingNurse

    Fall 2017 ADN MSMU (LA)

    I applied with a 3.5 in science and a 3.4 overall GPA (w/ everything done). I scored 86 on the TEAS V(96th percentile). I have two years of volunteer/internship experience and one year experience as a CNA at UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital.
  6. TheSurfingNurse

    Fall 2017 ADN MSMU (LA)

    I applied with a 3.5 in science and a 3.4 overall GPA (w/ everything done). I scored 86 on the TEAS V.
  7. What is the process of Transferring a CO RN license to CA? Thank you!
  8. TheSurfingNurse

    Seeking information on BSN programs in Colorado: Pros/Cons

    Hello! I was accepted to the Regis Traditional Nursing Program for Fall 2016, and I am having a really hard time finding out any reviews or information about how reputable the program is. I'm from So. California, so none of my Nursing friends at work (I'm a CNA at UCLA) have ever heard of Regis, which makes me worried that it may not be reputable. I would love a review from you! My email is deenablocker@gmail.com if you would like to contact me there (I'm still getting used to allnurses and not quite sure how to private message yet)
  9. TheSurfingNurse

    Regis University Traditional BSN Fall 2016

    Hi! I was accepted to the traditional program but I am having a really hard time deciding if I want to go.. I'm having a really hard time finding reviews of the program and I really have no idea how reputable it is. I work as a CNA at UCLA, and so far zero of the nurses there that I have talked to have ever even heard of Regis University. I can't find a lot of info online from anyone who has been in the program, so I'm kind of scared that I might go and find out that I would never be able to get a job or go to grad school after graduating. Very anxious about the whole thing!
  10. Hey everyone! I am currently applying to BSN programs on the West coast, and plan to eventually pursue a masters degree to become a Nurse Practitioner at some point in the future. What should I be looking for in a BSN Nursing program or Nursing school that would help me to get into a masters program later on? Does which state I get my BSN degree in matter in this case?
  11. TheSurfingNurse

    Transferring RN License from OR or CO to CA

    Thanks! Your answer was really helpful! Would you by any chance know if the NCLEX is very different by state?
  12. TheSurfingNurse

    HELP - Regis University Nursing

    Can anybody who was in (or knows anyone who graduated from) Regis Unviersitiy's Traditional BSN or Choice Program please let me know any information they might have about the program? I was accepted and I am having a really hard time finding reviews of the program and any information about it! I would really appreciate your help!
  13. TheSurfingNurse

    Transferring RN License from OR or CO to CA

    I was accepted to fully accredited nursing programs in Colorado and Oregon, but am a resident of California and would eventually like to practice Nursing back in California. Is it really difficult to transfer a RN license between these states?
  14. TheSurfingNurse

    Regis University Traditional BSN (Transfer) - Is it a good program?

    Thank you so much for your input! I am from So. California and none of my nursing friends had even heard about the program, so I was a bit apprehensive. This makes me a lot more comfortable about the idea of going. I have to put a downpayment by the 25th, so I was getting a bit of anxiety about the whole thing. Thank you again!
  15. TheSurfingNurse

    Transferring RN licensure to CA?

    Hello all, I am attending a CA community college and plan on transferring to a BSN program next fall. I am considering applying to several out-of-state public & private schools in several different states. Is this a bad idea? I really don't know much about transferring RN licensure states after earning a BSN at an out-of-state college. I was born and raised in CA, and I would like to eventually work here when I finish school. Is it difficult to transfer an RN licensure to CA from either AZ, WA, OR, MA, NY, or PA?
  16. TheSurfingNurse

    Re-taking Pre-requisites and Private BSN programs

    The guidance counselors said that I should apply to private schools because I have a higher chance of getting into a program that is more expensive. They also are generally easier to communicate with regarding these specific situations. I was at first considering to do a ADN program, and then do an ADN-BSN program, but that would mean 4 years of nursing school to get a BSN instead of 2 or 3. My counselor said that it would be a waste of time and money.

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