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  1. MarissaChristine

    NCLEX Shut off at 88!

    I'm using Saunders 7th edition and Kaplan practice test. I am contemplating on getting Hurst because either saw reviews about them being really good with discussing contents.
  2. MarissaChristine

    NCLEX Shut off at 88!

    Thanks all for the information and encouraging words. Oh my, I honestly have never felt devasted like this before. I don't have the option but to try again because I want this! So now that I need to reapply for license does this mean that I need to send same papers and do the background check again to the BON? BTW, I applied for Ohio BON.
  3. MarissaChristine

    NCLEX Shut off at 88!

    I did and got the negative pop up. I guess I know now in my heart that I failed it.
  4. MarissaChristine

    NCLEX Shut off at 88!

    I just took the exam yesterday and I know the website says 48 hours after the exam but I looked at the quick result countless times already. Lol I am very anxious. I can almost feel that I failed the ex because I can't even remember most of the questions. I don't feel very confident about how I actually did in the test. Everyone seems to pass at 75 or 265. What are the chances of me passing at 88? It just seem like a weird number to me.
  5. MarissaChristine

    NCLEX Process

    Thank you. I got confused because some readings say i won't be getting the authority to take the exam from the Board but from Pearson vue. I will wait on the CGFNS report before I proceed further then. Again, thank you so much!
  6. MarissaChristine

    NCLEX Process

    Hi Everyone! It is great to be back to this website! I always find this site informative and really helpful. I am currently working on getting my RN license in the US (Ohio). I am already working on the State Board requirements through CGFNS and the online application. Although my papers are still on its way to CGFNS, I would like to know if its best to register and Pay fees in Pearson Vue while waiting on those papers. I am a little confused on when to register in Pearson Vue. Do I register and pay after I receive the feedback from the State Board? Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks All!
  7. MarissaChristine

    Re Entry to Nursing Field

    I am a RN and have not practiced my profession for about 8 years now. I am wondering on how I can get back to the profession. I just filed for renewal of my license today and I will get the new ID next week. I want to practice the profesion again, Im not confident that I have the best skill now after years of being dormant in the Nursing world. I would like to know how or where should I start with this endeavor. :) Thank you so much!

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