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  1. Thank you
  2. Hello all! I have a job interview next week for a position as a new graduate nurse in an Advanced Surgical Unit. For the life of me, I have looked everywhere and I can't figure out what kind of patients are cared for in the Advanced Surgical Unit? I...
  3. How old were you

    I just finished my ADN a week ago and I will be 50 in June. I started at 46. I will be starting my BSN in February 2018. This will be my second career. First one is a Surgical Technologist, I went to school at 23. I have always wanted to be a nurse a...
  4. My Study Tips

    I use flashcards, but only one side of the card. On the cards I write: Disease Pathology or Etiology Signs & symptoms Diagnostic & lab tests Medications Nursing Interventions I like that I can carry them with me and take pictures of them. ...
  5. 2017 Med-Surg ATI Advice!!

    I just took my Advanced Med/Surg ATI this past Wednesday. We are converting to ATI from HESI at my college. I have taken both. I would say if you are doing well in the class you should do well on the exam. I was passing my Advanced Med/Surg course an...
  6. Working full-time while going to school

    I am in an exelerated ADN program. I work part-time (I am PRN) and go to school full time. I have done it for the last year. I am fortunate that my boss understands me being in school, she's a nurse. I couldn't have done it in my first year because ...
  7. Starting nursing school at 37...

    Don't contemplate, do it!
  8. Starting nursing school at 37...

    kerri76 Hi! I am 41 and contemplating going back to school to become an RN. Kerri 76, don't contemplate, do it!
  9. Starting nursing school at 37...

    I just turned 49 in June & I (hopefully) will be graduating in December this year! Advanced Med/Surg & Transitions... the struggle is real... are the only 2 (really 6 with theory, lab & clinicals) classes I have left in my ADN program... ...
  10. Favorite Motivational Quote

    Don't forget where you came from
  11. Favorite Motivational Quote

    Everyone has a first day
  12. Favorite Motivational Quote

    See one, do one, teach one.
  13. What's wrong with me?

    Love this post! Thanks to all who posted!
  14. Typical week in nursing school?

    At present I am a full time nursing student. I am in an execrated program, ADN. I carry 12 credit hours & will continue until I graduate. At work I'm a Surgical Technologist. I work as much as possible. I have the luxury of having a great boss w...
  15. Nursing Survey

    1. What is your age? 45 to 54 2. What is your gender? Female 3. Are you satisfied with your chosen career choice? Sometimes 4. Do you think you are valued at work? No 5. Do you think attaining higher education will help you advance in your job? Ye...