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  1. doobey

    taking my boards on 9/13

    Hello fellow RNs to be! I take boards on 9/22. I am so nervous. Any suggestions? I have a book called exam cram and kaplan. Best of wishes to all!!!!
  2. doobey

    May/June 06 Grads!

    Graduating May , 2006! Excited and nervous.
  3. doobey

    Last Semester Finally Here! Who's with me? ++

    Way to go everyone, starting in January , I will be in 3rd sem. for 5 weeks and 4th semester the other 11 weeks. I am so nervous!!! But I am getting ready.
  4. doobey

    Introductions:"New" and "Old" Students.

    Hello Elizabeth, I can feel what your feeling and how anxious you are. Dont sweat the small stuff. You know, while I am giving you advice, I am giving myself the same advice. You will be fine. Just remember to say I can, I will and I want. Your husband will be supportive of you through your schooling. My husband has vowed to help with our 3 kids. All I can do is trust that and follow my dreams. You do the same and let him know that you need him now more than ever. It works. Best Wishes on your journey and beginning of a new life!!!!!
  5. doobey

    Introductions:"New" and "Old" Students.

    Hello fellow Nursing Students, My name is Marie. I am a mother of three, ages 10, 5, and 2. I am also a wife of 6 years. I will be beginning school in 5 days. I am so so nervous. I have been reading test success books and also my text. In this book it says to make notes on index cards that say, "I CAN...", "I WILL...", "I WANT...". PLEASE DO THIS !!!!!!!! It may help banish any negative thoughts in your mind. I know I will be using these and will post them so that I can see them while studying. Best Wishes to you all.
  6. doobey

    Respiratory System help!!!

    i am currently reading about TB, Pneumonia and all its types, Bronchoscopy. How should I be studying to remember?
  7. Hi , I am currently preparing myself for RN school in the fall. I am reading the first assignments in my syllabus on respiratory and its diseases and meds. I am having the hardest time remembering the s&s , the meds and i really need help on how to study so that i could be effective in learning what i need to know. Please help me, all suggestions or comments will be appreciated.