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gatorem has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Labor and Delivery.

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  1. CNM career change, L&D burnout

    Hi CNMs. I am a career changer who went back to school to be a CNM. I opted to get my RN-BSN first to work in L&D to support the costs associated with midwifery school. I am two years into practice in L&D and am so burnt out. I work at a real...
  2. UIC DNP

    Hi Lanntis! Applying for CNM. Do you know when we will hear back?
  3. UIC DNP

    I had my interview last week, how was yours? We won't find out until March! Also, I didn't realize the program was year-round so instate tuition will be about 90k. I was shocked.
  4. UIC DNP

    I got an invite today too!! When is yours? You can skype I think!
  5. UIC DNP

    Following to, I applied for fall 2020! Would love any insight on the application process: when interviews are offered, financial aid, how the program is in itself...
  6. Chicago BSN-RN

    Hi! What is the starting salary where you are located for BSNs and what floor?? Trying to get an idea!

    Hello- I'm currently enrolled in a ABSN program and plan to purse midwifery upon completion. I've woekes as a Doula for 5 years and this is a career change for me. I'm VERY nervous about my upcoming OB rotation. The clinical sites are not physiologic...
  8. Resurrection University Spring 2017

    Did you get accepted? My application is also going for committee review because of low undergrad gpa- like a 2.5. I have a master's with a 3.5gpa and my science pre-req's are a 3.8. I'm wondering if I will get accepted as this is my first choice...
  9. Resurrection University Applicant Spring 17

    Hi All- I am hoping to start the daytime program in Fall 2017. For those in the daytime program, what does your schedule look like each week. I know clinicals don't start out as heavy the first term. So, could you please give me a sample of your firs...
  10. Nurse-Midwifery- finding program fit

    Where did you attend, LibraSunCNM?
  11. Nurse-Midwifery- finding program fit

    Yes, I definitely want to see a full scope of midwifery and see what is the best option for me, even if I say homebirth now. BUT, I still want to see it. I have attended homebirths as a doula, but that is different than being the actual primary careg...
  12. Nurse-Midwifery- finding program fit

    I am aware that most CNM's practice in the hospital, however in my state CPM's are not licensed and I do not have a desire to practice as a CPM. CNM's are in high demand for out of hospital birth.
  13. Nurse-Midwifery- finding program fit

    Hello, I am a nursing student and planning to nurse-midwifery upon graduation. When looking for the appropriate nurse-midwifery program, without travelling all across the country, is there a way to search for a program that is less medical than othe...
  14. Olivet Nazarene University ABSN Program

    I'm looking at this program as well. I know most of the coursework is done online. How many days a week are you actually on campus or in clinicals in each term? I have 2 kiddos so just trying to get a picture of what it will look like. Thanks!