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  1. Washington to Alaska

    Hi all, I am considering a move (back) to Alaska. I am currently practicing in Internal Medicine in Washington State. The application for licensure in Alaska requires a referral and consultation plan, which I have not had to formally do to date...
  2. OHSU ABSN to FNP 2016

    I just received an email confirming my interview time of 10:30. It also said there was a luncheon and a campus tour. I'm guessing that the interviews will be done in a group format. How else can they get through them all in one day?
  3. OHSU ABSN to FNP 2016

    Anyone else in or out? Not much chatter going on with this thread.
  4. Interviewing at OHSU

    I've been fortunate enough to have been invited to interview for the ABN to FNP program at OHSU. I'd love any advice on what to expect in the interview process to those of you who may have gone through it or have a similar experience to share. Thank...
  5. OHSU ABSN to FNP 2016

    I'm sorry! Good luck with any other programs you may have applied to.
  6. OHSU ABSN to FNP 2016

    Hmmmm, I'm not sure what to say. From my experience the folks that answer the phone don't always have the best information and that can lead to frustration. If it is at all helpful, here is the text of the email I received on Tuesday: We are pleased...
  7. OHSU ABSN to FNP 2016

    I haven't heard anything aside from the very general email saying that I got an interview on January 28th. They said they will be sending more details about exact times soon. I'd be happy to share my academic record if you want to PM me.
  8. OHSU ABSN to FNP 2016

    Me too! Congratulations! Now, of course, I'm dying to know how many they will interview.
  9. OHSU ABSN to FNP 2016

    I still haven't heard a peep. Anyone have ANY ideas on how we can try to track down some more information? I'm really getting anxious.
  10. OHSU ABSN to FNP 2016

    Yes, I noticed that too! Let's keep communication open. I'm going crazy!
  11. OHSU ABSN to FNP 2016

    I am not. Are you? I actually live in Alaska, so need to plan my travel. I'm really hoping they let us know in time for me to get a two week advance ticket.
  12. OHSU ABSN to FNP 2016

    I'm wondering the same thing! In snooping around posts form prior years it seems like notifications for interviews came only within a few days of the interview dates. I'm hoping this is not the case this year.
  13. OHSU ABSN-MSN/DNP Midwifery 2016

    I applied for ASBN to FNP and haven't heard anything. I'm getting really anxious!
  14. OHSU ASBN to FNP resume help

    I just about have my application complete, but am seeking a bit of guidance regarding the resume portion. I come from an academia background and am used to writing my CV with publications, etc. How does the resume for school entry differ? Any format ...
  15. Resume for direct entry program

    Hi all, Does anyone have a template, suggestion or example for a resume to submit with my direct entry application? TIA!