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mom/baby, EFM, student CNM, cardiac/tele
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JessicaDanielle has 3 years experience and specializes in mom/baby, EFM, student CNM, cardiac/tele.

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  1. JessicaDanielle

    Preceptor Finding Blues

    Uhh! This is my biggest fear! Good luck!
  2. JessicaDanielle

    Frontier University as FNP

    Yes, you must find your own clinical locations. I hear the difficulty varies with location. Some people have no issues and other have a lot.
  3. JessicaDanielle


    I am completely freaking out. I am all set to begin my CNM program. I've been so excited and anxious to start and then, all of a sudden, I start freaking out about the amount of responsibility that comes with being a CNM. I'm not sure I want to be the one solely responsible for how someone's delivery turns out! We have a midwife here in our hospital system that always seems to have very poor deliveries. I'm terrified that will be me! Maybe I would be happier just being a labor nurse?! I'm not sure if this is normal and I should continue on with my program, or if I should take a step back and rethink my decision even if it means losing several hundred dollars. Any advice?
  4. JessicaDanielle

    FINALLY LEAVING ER 😃😃 OB here I come

    Congrats! I moved from a cardiac step down unit to mom/baby several months ago. I still have a difficult time adjusting to the pace difference. In all the downtime I've acquired at work, I started reading maternal newborn and perinatal nursing books to increase my knowledge base on rationales. You might find that helpful. Good luck!
  5. JessicaDanielle

    Male nurse midwife

    If it is something you want to do and have a passion for, it is a good choice
  6. JessicaDanielle

    Turning Total Dependent/Aphasic Patient

    Please, please, please, ask someone for help when you need it! It is not worth an injury. I would gladly help my cna roll a patient, even if I'm busy, if it means there's less risk for an injury. When I have had completely immobile patients I have never hesitated to ask for help. A back injury is never worth it!!!
  7. JessicaDanielle

    Is it safe for me to start in psych nursing?

    I started as a new grad in psych and left after two months. There wasn't nearly enough skills or critical thinking moments to satisfy me. I transferred to an icu step down/cardiac unit and got amazing experience! If I hadn't left that psych job, I would have hate a very difficult time getting skills back. A transition from med/surg to psych would be rather easy as you get a ton of psych experience in the hospital! However, transitioning from psych to med/surg may be more difficult.
  8. JessicaDanielle

    Frontier University

    Holliewood, there's a facebook page for our class! Frontier Nursing University Class 134
  9. JessicaDanielle

    Frontier Nursing University Class 134 applicants

    That may not have worked. If not type facebook.com/groups/FNU134
  10. JessicaDanielle

    Frontier Nursing University Class 134 applicants

    Try Facebook
  11. JessicaDanielle

    OB dream job - only psych experience

    I'm currently taking the AWHONN fetal monitoring course online as it is required for school. Where would you put this on a resume? Under education? Skills? Not sure what to put it under
  12. JessicaDanielle


    Currently, we typically give IVP, diluted with 10ml NS, and over 2 minutes.
  13. JessicaDanielle

    Getting into school with low GPA?

    Many masters programs I looked into require you to take the GRE if your gpa is not up to their standards
  14. JessicaDanielle

    Methadone babies

    I had a baby this week that was consistently scoring 4 and below and the family was going to be discharged. Luckily, the dr decided to keep them another night and he ended up scoring 14 that morning. Sometimes it just takes longer than others, I think.
  15. JessicaDanielle


    I should add, these classes are not available through Frontier. Another cert that people find helpful is STABLE.
  16. JessicaDanielle


    Depends on what program through frontier you are applying for. I'm in the CNEP track for CNM and although not required specifically for applying, we are required to have NRP and AWOHNN fetal monitoring course before we start Clinicals. If OB is the field you are hoping to get into, it certainly does not hurt to have a jump in the right direction. It'll also look good on an application for jobs as you have investing your own time and money into this specialty

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