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  1. cknapp92

    Patient Care Tech program online?

    I am looking into PCT programs in my area, and the outcome wasn't promising. I decided to try online and found a promising program. It's the U.S Career Institute online PCT program. The school doesn't look like a scam or anything, and has good reviews, i am just worried about not getting hired because i don't have hands on experience. I am hoping maybe they have external clinical or something, but not sure yet. Has anyone has experience with online PCT or healthcare programs that involve patient care and found it not a problem to find a job? Or is this too good to be true. I would like to add i do have experience with being a HHA for 2 years, but that is it. Also, the program doesn't involve phelbotomy or EKG, which in my area will make it extremely hard to find work as a PCT without those skills, so i would have to go to a different school to obtain those.
  2. cknapp92

    Desperately in need of advice before school!!!!

    Thank you guys so very much!!! I think I will be looking into EMS!!!
  3. Hello all. I am a 22 year old who loves the health world. I really want to work in a hospital, but I have no idea what to be. I have looked into phlebotomy, medical assisting, LPN, RN, X-ray tech, respiratory therapy, and clinical lab tech. I love it all!!! I want to start working asap, but I don't know what to be! What healthcare job will take the shortest amount of time schooling wise? What jobs could also lead into a nursing job/RN bridgepprogram?