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  1. This post is not of the quality I'm used to seeing on this site. Posts on AllNirses are usually timely and have to do directly with topics concerning nurses. This has nothing to do with travel nursing so far. It mostly concerns your lack of preparedness or financial difficulties. As such I do not find it very interesting and I'm not sure why they allowed it to be posted here. Additionally I find your response beginning with "sweetheart" to be extremely inappropriate. If this is how you respond to criticism it's easy to understand why you perhaps didn't have a good experience as a travel nurse. When I am thinking about exploring a different nursing specialty, I would prefer to hear from someone who has successful experience with it.
  2. MrsK62

    Death of a Dream

    My goodness, you are too young to say that something will never happen. Enjoy your child while he is a baby. Pretty soon he will be in school. Things will change because they always do.