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  1. Hi all, I am an experienced (oncology, med/surg/tele) nurse looking to transition into a new department. I am looking for insight about this program (AKA transitional program), and whether it is worth the sacrifice to leave my current position (...
  2. anio

    USC Keck Versant Residency

    hello! I applied to the oncology unit. Have you heard back?
  3. anio

    White memorial new grad August 2017

    Congrats everyone! I did as well, good luck to all of us :)
  4. anio

    Mount St. Mary's College ABSN Summer 2015

    Hello calimcf, I will be attending MSMU Summer 2016 and was wondering if you can share your experience? Is there anything I should do before I start (reviewing/reading)? Any heads up and tips to make nursing school a bit more tolerable? Also, the pro...
  5. anio

    Mount St. Mary's College ABSN Summer 2015

    Can anyone share more in-depth of their experience? thank you!