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  1. Looking for any tips or suggestions for books to read over the summer that will be helpful towards Cardiac and Gi/GU. I bought the Hogan Med/Surg book. How do people feel about the Incredibly Easy books?
  2. SArguinzoni

    Bergen Community College Spring 15

    check for admission!! its up!! i got in!!
  3. SArguinzoni

    Bergen Community College Nursing Spring 2015

    check now!! I got in!!!
  4. Does anyone know when they will be making the decisions on acceptance?
  5. SArguinzoni

    Ebola Nursing Survey: to Quarantine or Not to Quarantine

    I don't believe that it is making a negative outlook on nurses, but I do believe that it will confuse those who don't know anything about healthcare. So many people are oblivious as to how to take care of themselves and are associating EBOLA with just.. death. I believe that as nurses the main thing is to educate your patient... even before they become your "patient". Prior to this event even taking place, my personal opinion is to keep those that have been exposed, quarantined for 3-4 weeks and be carefully monitored so that symptoms can be treated right away. Nurse, doctor, patient, passerby, whatever your position... protect yourself and everyone around you.
  6. SArguinzoni

    Bergen Community College Spring 15

    Did you take the test yet?
  7. SArguinzoni

    Bergen Community College Spring 15

    I'm not sure what you mean. I know that the department ID is included as an attachment in our emails, but I don't remember anything about "cohort".
  8. SArguinzoni

    Bergen Community College Spring 15

    Hey everyone :) I was wondering how everyone has been doing with their HESI exams for BCC Spring 2015. Also, does anyone know how to find out the class average?