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  1. Resource Nurse

    haha yes that is a good way to put it, outside my room
  2. Hunting down the California BRN

    thank you for this post, if only for someone to share my frustration. i'm on month 4 with no luck yet..
  3. OR Job Choice Help!

    Thank God for people like you because those are all my least favorite specialties
  4. Resource Nurse

    Anyways to answer your original post, yes that sounds very similar. We have someone below the nurse manager (called nurse leader I believe) before we get to the resource nurses who does some of the things you mentioned including scheduling and dealin...
  5. Resource Nurse

    I get along excellent with the scrubs, doctors, residents, fellows, CRNAs, anesthesiologists, anesthesia techs, PCTs so please do not jump to that conclusion. I love the team work atmosphere in the OR. I just don't like to be micromanaged and nit-pi...
  6. Resource Nurse

    I was curious which of you nurses out there have resource nurses in your ORs? I work at a huge hospital so I don't know if this is normal or just because my hospital is so big and needs additional help. We have a resource nurse for every specialty a...
  7. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    i have an account and filled out an application in september. i cannot figure out how to check the status.
  8. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    can someone please tell me how to check my status, i've been in this process since september and i don't understand how you guys are checking
  9. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    Ugh I feel you there. I submitted my fingerprints in sept and just now got a letter saying they were denied. Again, I have been waiting since SEPTEMBER just to hear my fingerprints got denied. It's very disheartening. And flying to california to ...
  10. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    where do i check my license status? breeze is so NOT user friendly. please helppp
  11. Already felt burnout 6 months in the OR

    I'm considering traveling too, but I'm a year and a half in. Most travel assignments require 2 years so tha'ts a good option. I'd say when choosing where to work, the bigger the hospital the better the resources!
  12. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    Hi all, I'm really confused about the fingerprints thing. What exactly did I pay for with the 49 dollars? And do I still need to go out and get my finger prints done and sent to them? I requested to get a fingerprints form sent to me. I guess I was...
  13. I'm sorry, I don't have any answers but how was the application process?
  14. 9 Tips for New Operating Room Nurses

    Rose_Queen, you seem like a mentor here in the operating room section, and I appreciate it very much. I have been in orientation, classroom-like learning for the past 3 weeks and this coming Monday, I will be scrubbing in for the first time in color...
  15. RODP FNP in TN? Anyone?

    Can anyone tell me if this is a hard program to get into? I am considering applying in the future