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  1. NICU~RN

    Mandatory overtime

    Is it legal to make nurses sign up for more shifts than their hourly pointage? For example if your .75 can your work mandate more shifts over that?
  2. I was exactly where you are a few months ago. I love my unit, but got put on nights in May, I got pregnant in June. I fell into a complete depression, crying on all my days off, crying because I had to work, just not myselfat all. I put in to switch to days and I finally was able to switch in October. I did not feel better in my second trimester on nights as some said would happen. I just continued to feel worse each day. Even though days are busier, I feel SO much better. It's seriously life changing how much better I feel. I don't know how much longer I could have worked this pregnancy on nights, and now I feel SO renewed .
  3. NICU~RN

    Part time nights or full time days with infant

    Thanks for all your input guys, I'm leaning towards staying part time nights. I forgot to also mention though that if I stay full time I would get 25,000$ of my school loans paid off over 5 years. I am ok with not receiving that to spend more time with my baby, but it is a hard pill to swallow
  4. Hi, I am currently working full time nights and am expecting my first child soon. I have the choice to either move to full time day shift or stay on nights after the baby. If I stay nights it would only be 2 12's a week, and the husband and I wouldn't have to use daycare much if at all. If I work days we would need to utilize daycare. Both will bring home the same amount of $ each month in the end. I'm worried if I choose nights I won't be able to adjust with a newborn, and will constantly feel like a zombie, although night shift will offer me more time to pump while at work. And if I chose days I will regret being away from home too much although my sleep will be on a more normal schedule. Anyone been through this and have some advice for me? I'm not sure which route to choose and it is causing me some major anxiety
  5. NICU~RN

    Interview coming up

    Hi! I am so excited to say I have finally been given the opportunity to interview in a level 4 nicu! I have worked in the post anesthesia care unit for the past 4 months and am a new grad. My hospital opened up a new grad nicu position and I put in for a transfer and have been selected to interview. Working with the neonatal population as well as the families of those patients is a dream of mine and is the reason I became a nurse, so needless to say I am so excited ! I wanted to know since I have not worked with babies since nursing school, what things should I brush up on, and what types of questions should I prepare for my interview? I really want to be prepared, as I don't want to let this opportunity pass by. thanks guys!
  6. NICU~RN

    Switching specialties to L&D

    Thanks for the encouragement. Do you think one year is long enough to work before putting in for a transfer? im feeling frustrated because I'm working 50+ hour weeks right now so I can be trained to take on call time and am feeling like it will be all for nothing once I transfer. I hope that L&D will like my experience and want to hire me, because that is my ultimate goal and passion
  7. NICU~RN

    Switching specialties to L&D

    Hi, I am wanting/needing some advice, wisdom, support or tough love. I am a new grad who just started my first job at a local large hospital. I have always wanted to work in L&D. This was my passion since before I even knew I wanted to become an RN. Through school, it's all I thought about, and I couldnt wait to become a L&d nurse. I graduated top of my class and did my final preceptorship in L&D. Once I graduated I found out I had to move states. When I finished moving, I began to apply for jobs. Every L&D job in my area wanted at least a year of RN experience. I got very very lucky getting hired in the unit I am at (ICU) but it is not in L&D. The unit im working at never hire's new grads, and agreed to hire and train me. Although I love the people I work with, and my job is great, I can't shake the feeling that this is not my passion, I am in the wrong specialty. My passion is in women's health, labor and delivery. I want to become a midwife eventually. I plan on giving this unit around 2 years of work before seeking out L&D jobs since they were so kind to train me. I am also planning on becoming a doula in the meantime to keep my foot in women's health. I am trying to keep my head up, and believing that soon I will be able to work in the area I am passionate about. I know some nurse managers look down on applicants who apply to a position if they have not been at their current job for over a year yet. I am so thankful for my job and his experience I am getting, and I know many have not been so lucky in the job market.What would you say is a good amount of time to work and get experience before I apply to L&D? How can I keep myself marketable to the L&D managers?