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  1. Some years ago you had made a list of schools that accepted Excelsior ADN credits to enroll in BSN programs. Would you happen to still have that list?

    1. Pixie.RN

      Pixie.RN, MSN, RN, EMT-P

      I'm sorry, but I only had a list of BSN programs that interested me. There wasn't anything EC-specific about it. Just programs that I was considering. 

    2. shoihoi


      Oh ok. I finished my ADN through Excelsior in 2004 so I was able to sit for boards in California. I was able to get hired from the hospital I began at as a LVN.  HR lady said if the unit manager had not ok'd me she would not have looked any further at my application, due to ADN from Excelsior, and I would not have been hired. It's been a struggle finding jobs in California. Have you heard this from others in Ca?

      I think if I earn a BSN from a different school, I would get more offers for employment.



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