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    Travel Nursing as a New Grad

    HI there, I am going to be a new grad here soon and really considering travel nursing. I am curious as to how this all works and the ways to get in to an agency. Anything information would be really helpful and any suggestions as to which agency offers the best deal for new grads. Thanks!
  2. 2014Student

    Chem HELP

    HI there! I am a Freshmen starting my first year of pre-reqs for nursing, and I am struggling! We have taken the first exam which I got a 74.5% on and the average was lower than that, but I am still not happy with the grade. If there are any study tips any of you would recommend I would highly appreciate it! For the last exam I used Quizlet to learn certain ions and went over multiple practice problems! This worked well for me in high school chemistry but this is clearly not the same! Thank you for taking the time to offer your methods!!
  3. 2014Student

    Chem HELP

    I am in Chem for Health Related Sciences, it is a mix of organic chem and biochemistry!
  4. 2014Student

    Best West Coast BSN Programs?

    No, Linfield offers a BSN degree for undergrads but part of their program is you spend your first two years on the McMinnville campus and complete your pre-reqs and then transfer to the Portland location for actual nursing school. To my knowledge they to offer a seamless program.
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    Best West Coast BSN Programs?

    He applied as a freshmen, although (I am not positive) I believe that you can do pre-reqs at PCC which is the local community college. The only reason I did not do that route was because at all the schools I looked at it was much harder to get into the nursing program as a "outsider" rather than those who did their pre-reqs at the school. I understand if you are trying to save money as best as you can, because these schools can get expensive, but it is usually better to do your pre-reqs where you want to go to nursing school. But what you also need to remember is that the expense sucks but it will be worth it in the end!! I would recommend going the 4 year university route just because the chances of getting into actual nursing school are much better. Also!! As far as Oregon state schools the success rate of getting into other nursing schools is very low! Have you looked at Linfield? It's in McMinnville (I'm bias, I am from there!!) which is a great little town like 20 minutes south of Newberg! It has a very well known nursing program as well and gives out amazing scholarships!
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    New Grad NICU Support Thread

    Thank you to whoever started this thread!! I am only in my first year of my four year program but it is my dream job to be in the nicu! Eventually as an NNP!! Its great to see some positive posts about new grads in the NICU because I was starting to get very discouraged!! If anyone has any tips for me I would greatly appreciate it!! Congrats to all of you!
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    Best West Coast BSN Programs?

    Thanks! I love it!! GFU is another great school! I went to high school in Newberg and many of my friends are in the GFU nursing program. To my knowledge they are the same thing! It helps so much with the stress that already exists in college!
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    Best West Coast BSN Programs?

    I am in my first year or pre-reqs for nursing! I was in the same boat that you are at this point last year, have you had the chance to visit or do you plan to visit any of the schools? I am from Portland and really considered University of Portland! Not only do they give out amazing scholarships for academics, but they also offer a seamless program and have a high success rate for their nursing program! One thing that appealed to me was the seamless, this basically means that you are accepted into nursing as a freshmen and as long as you maintain a certain GPA you do not have to reapply for actual nursing school your junior year. This really influenced my decision, I mean how relieving is that!! Not only are these the positives of UofP but many of my family members are nurses in the area and they told me University of Portland nursing grads are highly liked in many of the hospitals and clinics in the area! I currently go to Regis University in Denver which offered the same program which was a major part in my decision! If you want any other information from me I would be more than happy to give it to you! It's not the same beings that I don't attended any of the schools that you're looking at but I can help with some general questions! Good Luck! I hope you end up somewhere that also fits you!!

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