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  1. port accessing tips.

    Hi, I am fairly new to the oncology field, and have minimal experience accessing ports. I have successfully accessed ports in the past, however, I did miss the last two ports I attempted to access (not sure if I hit the edge). I do take my time feeli...
  2. OCN 2017, insight

    How long did you study for?
  3. OCN core curriculum

    Hi, I am planning on studying for OCN certification soon. For those that have studied and passed which version of the OCN core curriculum did you find most helpful (green 4th ed. vs 5th ed. purple book)? Thank you!
  4. Capella Univeristy RN to BSN

    Hi Everyone, I've recently decided to really be proactive in pursuing my bsn degree. I've done a lot of research on different programs, and Capella University seems to be the best fit for me. Just wondering if anyone here either in the program curre...
  5. port accessing tips.

    Thank you all for taking the time to post. I will def. keep all this in mind upon my next port access.
  6. Port Medication

    Hello, I recently obtained a job where most of the patient have ports. I know its recommended that we use 10ml syringes when administering medications through ports, but is it also recommended to dilute all medications with 10cc of normal saline as ...
  7. Port Medication

    Thank you both for responding. Thats what I thought, but wanted to double check