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  1. Here is the link provided by the state DisasterOS
  2. Lucylyn

    EvCC spring 2015 applicants

    I'm in the process of getting everything together for my application. I'll be coming from a different school where the application process is a bit different so this having to have all of my immunizations and background check done before hand is kind of throwing me off. Also, at my school if you are transferring in from another school they will take the unofficial transcripts for the application if you are currently enrolled in any of the required courses. I'm currently enrolled in Micro and class ends this week. I'm really worried about if all of my grades will be processed in time to get them to the department office. Other than that, I have everything I need done and will be hopefully submitting my application no later than Jan 5. For my TEAS, I scored an 86% overall. I was a little devastated at first, but then I saw where I stood as far as national ranking is concerned and it made me feel a lot better (97th percentile). I've already met with one of the counselors and they told me that everything looks very promising for me. I hope to see you as a class mate when the start of the program rolls around. Also, as a side: I'll be commuting from Oak Harbor (North Whidbey), so if anyone else is also making the commute or will be on my way, I welcome the company of carpooling! Send me a message =)
  3. Lucylyn

    Looking for a nursing school with these grades

    That they said about Microbiology. If you plan on taking it and also think you will do well with the TEAS, then you could apply to the Mount Vernon Campus of Skagit Valley College. They also have dorms if the commute is a potential problem. The operate on a points system. You can look at their website for more information but the basic break down is: 40 points for 3.0 or higher GPA (each in Sciences and overall) 40 points TIMES your score from TEAS (So if you made a 75% then you would get 30 points, 32 for 80% 36 points for 90% etc) 20 points total for prior experience (all 20 for having a CNA license, 15 for maxing out work hours, and 10 for maxing out volunteer hours-Only one category applies so the only way to get all 20 points is by having you CNA license)

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