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  1. ctfrazie

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2015

    @ NewYorkerGirl and @Bcdawber I am in the same boat, I was offered a job for another hospital 2 weeks ago and I was able to push my start date back to December 1st :/ I am going in next week to sign paperwork........I hope we hear back soon too!! I have no idea what to do!
  2. So I interviewed for a nurse residency program a couple of weeks ago and it is my first choice, I really really want to get it! But....I was offered a job at a community hospital a couple of days ago. I won't find out if I get into the residency program until the first week of December, and the community hospital would want me to start around mid-late November. If I turn down the community hospital job for the residency program, there is a chance that I won't get into the residency program and then I would be jobless..... I was advised by some friends and family, that I should take the community job and then if I get into the residency program, I should quit the job at the community hospital and accept the residency position. But I am not sure I would be comfortable with that. Or I could forget about the residency and stick with the community hospital. Any input on this?!? What would you do?!? Thanks!!!
  3. Hello! I just graduated this past May with a BSN. I was just offered a position for a critical access hospital in rural VT. I have interviewed for about 4 other jobs, one including a nurse residency program, but this is the first job offer! I was just wondering if the med/surg unit at a critical access hospital would be a good place to start as a new grad? I would love any input!! The more detail the better!! Thanks!!
  4. Hello! I am a new graduate who needs a little help! I was just offered a job on the med/surg unit at a critical access hospital in rural Vermont. I am also waiting to hear back to see if I got accepted into a nurse residency program, but I will not find out for another 6 weeks! The residency program is my first choice, but I am afraid of turning down the critical access hospital job and then not getting into the residency program! I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice? Would you choose the residency program over working at a critical access hospital? What are the pros and cons of starting a nursing career at a critical access hospital? Any input would be amazing!!
  5. ctfrazie

    Penn State Residency: Hershey Medical Center 2015

    Hey guys! I also haven't heard back yet! My first 2 choices were pedi oncology and pedi acute care. I was just wondering if anyone received an interview for a pediatric floor yet?! Thanks!
  6. Hello! I have a second interview this week for an RN position at a radiation oncology clinic and was wondering if anyone had some insight on what this position would be like. I am a new grad, and I have been working as a CNA on a pediatric inpatient oncology unit for the past year and a half, but I am not very familiar with the clinic setting and would love some feedback! Thanks, Carly :)