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  1. BlackMagicGypsy

    When Will MBON Release My License Number???

    So I took and passed (!) NCLEX on June 21, got quick results 48 hours later, and have been anxiously awaiting MBON to update their website ever since. I emailed on June 26 to inquire about my application status and was told that they didn't have my background review on file...which is strange because I thought that was a requirement for the authorization to test...but I was told it would be handled the next day, which it wasn't, and now I can't get anyone to respond to my emails. I stopped trying to call because no one EVER answers over there. I'm considering going up there on Monday. I'm really worried that this will interfere with the job I have lined up. Has anyone else dealt with this particular problem with MBON? Any advice? Signed, Stressed New Grad
  2. BlackMagicGypsy

    I can't get "poop" taste out of my mouth?

    I smell infected/necrotic foot wounds all day (I work for a podiatrist) and I still prefer that to the smell of hospital food and that weird scent old folks get when they haven't had a proper shower in a few days.
  3. BlackMagicGypsy

    I can't get "poop" taste out of my mouth?

    1) I will never forget the smell of a uterine cancer. Ever. And that's not even the worst. 2) My first clinical rotation at an LTC got the smell of old, sick people and oatmeal stuck in my nose. I scrubbed myself raw to get rid of that smell.... 3) I thought I'd be used to hospital smell by now (yay second semester!) but I'm not! The smell of artificial citrus makes me irrationally angry because it smells like work! And why/how does all hospital food manage to smell the same....yuck
  4. BlackMagicGypsy

    Sinai Hospital in Baltimore

    I worked as a healthcare associate (tech) at Sinai about three years ago. I loved it. Awesome benefits and they go the extra mile to show their employees love. Lots of perks when I was there BUT.... ive heard complaints about management from multiple departments. I left due to poor management....and the pay (for me at least) was insulting. If I didn't love my job so much I would've quit after the first week.
  5. BlackMagicGypsy

    When Your Patient is an Addict...How to Deal

    I really enjoyed this article! It is so sad when patients are surprised to be treated like people by medical staff....
  6. BlackMagicGypsy

    Question re: Frostburg RN-BSN Practicum (NURS 495)

    Thank you! This is helpful and it seems a lot less scary now.
  7. BlackMagicGypsy

    My Preceptor Let Me Drown

    I can't speak on whether it's normal but it sounds like a nightmare. I'm glad you're being reassigned.....she sounds like she *wants* you to fail.
  8. I'm in my first semester of the CCBC RN program/Frostburg BSN program. I just finished my course plan for the next 2.5 years but I'm concerned about the practicum for NURS 495. What exactly do you do? Just shadow the RN at the site? Would love to hear from anyone who has already completed or is in the process of finishing their practicum. Thanks!
  9. BlackMagicGypsy

    Ahhh, kiddos. They do say the darndest things...

    These stories are too great! Gosh, I hope my kids take after me and pick up my love of medicine!
  10. BlackMagicGypsy

    Tips for doctors

    What an awesome thread! I'd just like to second the part about not making promises that you aren't directly responsible for. Discuss any special accommodations with staff BEFORE assuring the patient that we can meet whatever needs they have.
  11. BlackMagicGypsy

    Complaining about your employer, loudly, at nurses' station

    I try not to whine *too much* in front of my patients. It doesn't reflect well on me or my employer. However, I am totally honest with my views on the state of healthcare in this country...none of my patients are DME suppliers or in charge of insurance companies, so most of them tend to agree!
  12. BlackMagicGypsy

    Answering the "where are you going" ??

    I've been in this position, leaving a job full of angry, vindictive people and I certainly did not want them to know where I'd be going next! I lied. Problem solved.
  13. BlackMagicGypsy

    Educating patients on ER use

    But you're making an excellent point.
  14. BlackMagicGypsy

    Educating patients on ER use

    I tell all of my friends, family, and patients this!!! The ED is only there to stabilize, treat & street you! That seems to get the point across pretty well. My mother has gout flares and would only go to the ED for tx when the pain occurred. She did this for months without once calling her PCP...I've managed to break her of that habit.
  15. BlackMagicGypsy

    Gift from the ED

  16. BlackMagicGypsy

    Recent grad advice for future students

    Thank you for the advice and congratulations!

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