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  1. Medication Charting Errors

    I’ve been an LPN for since 1995. Mostly clinics. Last year I went on the floor at a facility that uses CPSI. Shortly out of my 90 days I was terminated for charting errors. AM sliding scale insulin and one serious accusation involving oxycodone 5 mg....
  2. Interruptions during my med pass

    my DoN holds court at the nurses station. About her personal life...very distracting.
  3. Legal ramifications at facility

    Typo. LPNS
  4. Patient death

    A few days ago we had a male patient age 60 with s/p ileostomy revision. His blood pressure had been stable but the tech had issues getting it that morning. He got routine lasix 40 mg. Scheduled breathing txs. And had norco 7.5/325 q4 prn. He complai...
  5. Medicare fraud

    I've been at this facility for 2 years. There have been some questionable things going on but this last event is Medicare fraud with possible injury to the patient. Mrs Doe our elderly patient is admitted to the LTAC for UTI. She is placed on oral an...
  6. EpiPens....who knew?

    Get a Rx for vial and syringe and teach all. Cost factor is ridiculous.
  7. Legal ramifications at facility

    Sorry. 2 lpn's..not sure the medical director would back them. I've just never worked where this was done. The facility is an LTAC.
  8. Legal ramifications at facility

    We use Dakins solution in wound care where I work. Recently the facility has started " making" their own and refilling the bottles with a label stating made on xx date. Is this dispensing without license? Two lens are making it. I know it's probably ...