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  1. Brittanyroland

    RNs Relocating to Las Vegas

    I am applying there but I am from washington - do you suggest getting a Nevada license first? did you have prior nursing experience ?
  2. Brittanyroland

    RNs Relocating to Las Vegas

    where do u work?
  3. Brittanyroland

    CHLA RN Residency Program September 2014

    Hi I came across your posts and saw that you got excepted into the program! Congrats that is awesome!! I am applying for the March cohort! How do you like it so far and do you have any tips on how to stand out either through my resume/cover letter/letter of intent? Or even during the interview? I put down picu as my first choice. Did you feel the interview questions were tough?! Sorry I am just nervous and excited and curious! My email is brittroland.rn@gmail.com if you wanted to email me back! Thank you and hopefully hear from you soon!