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joleenurse90 has 8 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN, APN, APRN, NP and specializes in CVICU, SICU, MICU,.

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  1. Hazard ARH medical center

    Hi there, I’m a foreign educated nurse who is contracted to work for the hospital. The hospital is kinda a decent. They are mainly locals or from the nearest counties. Regardless of the patients, staffs or visitors, everybody are really nice and I l...
  2. New grad looking for first job in Singapore! Is it possible?

    Hi Monica, I’m surprise that you want to work in Singapore! I used to work in Singapore for 5 years before coming to US (Kentucky). I’m not sure about the process for a foreign nurse to get a license and job in Singapore but US do recognise my Diplom...
  3. AGACNP Clinicals

    I will be doing my MSN in AGACNP with NKU this coming fall. I am starting to look for good hospital for clinicals around KY or TN. Can anyone please share some input or experience? Thanks.
  4. Relocating to Washington

    Hi there, I am planning to relocate to Seattle. I have 8 years of ICU and 2 years of CVICU experience. I would like to have recommendation on the hospitals in Seattle. Preferably ICU settings with high acuity and high level of care such as ECMO, CRRT...
  5. CONEXUS Med Staff....Experiences?

    Hello. I took my NCLEX in March 2017 and the deployment process took less than a year since I Do not have any retrogression. My Priority date was 2017. It's a 2 years contract with them.
  6. Visa screen almost completed.

    Current visa screen status: Ready for Review Hello, all of my visa screen documents requirement have been reviewed and met all program requirements as stated in the website except the US validation license and proof of NCLEX which only just received ...
  7. Hazard ARH medical center

    Hello, I Will be deployed to Hazard ARH medical Center. Can anyone advise me on how is the working condition and living style in Hazard like there?
  8. CONEXUS Med Staff....Experiences?

    Yeah, you are right. In fact I'm gonna be deployed to Kentucky. :) I've never been there, I might like it there í ½í¸¬
  9. CONEXUS Med Staff....Experiences?

    Hello, I am from Singapore and currently under Conexus Medstaff. I am already at the deployment stage
  10. Visa screen

    Hello, I'm from Singapore and my interview date with the US embassy will be on 2/23/2018. My visa screen is not available yet since they are still waiting for the passing NCLEX result from Minessota Board of Nursing which was sent on 1/10/2018(standa...