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Hi there, I am planning to relocate to Seattle. I have 8 years of ICU and 2 years of CVICU experience. I would like to have recommendation on the hospitals in Seattle. Preferably ICU settings with high acuity and high level of care such as ECMO, CRRT etc etc. Thanks

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Harborview is the Trauma 1 for the greater region (WA, ID, Western MT, and AK), it and UW Medical Center are the research/teaching hospitals that tend to take high acuity and have multiple ICU specialties to chose from.



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I am in a nursing program in California that is not ACEN accredited (only WASC and State BRN approved). I am planning on moving to Washington. Will this impact Washington giving me a license by endorsement? Or a license at all in general?



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UW is a very well respected hospital and I hear have good benefits. Same with Virginia Mason but I don’t know much about them. Both have good reputations. I worked at Swedish cherry hill (they have multiple locations, CH is neuro and cardiac only), which I recommend, they have a great cardiac program - not much vascular even though they call themselves a CVICU. I moved up to Prov Everett’s SICU because I bought a house up here and was sick of commuting. We don’t do ecmo but Swedish does. Not sure about the others I mentioned. Good luck!

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