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  1. @CONAH-sn I think I ordered most of what I needed, but I have a lasting question... So the students and/or staff nurses being in a nursing bag carrying all their work stuff? Are there lockers? Room for a work bag, lunch bag and a spare pair of clothes? Have you seen staff/students shower after shifts? Do they wear shower shoes? I got a pocket organizer and stethoscope clip, etc etc because I’m uncertain as what to expect. I also ordered a clipboard with a calculator, etc. feedback? Thank you VERY much!
  2. Why specifically the Classic III? I’m all ears.
  3. The lightweight II? I was thinking of getting a lightweight as well but the acoustics weren’t as good so did some further research. Interesting. The lightweight part is really attractive. I’ll have to think about that. Thanks.
  4. I noticed the Littmann classic 3 has he same replacement parts as the Cardiology 4, but I can’t seem to find a nonchill bell ring for them (only the Cardiology 3 and Xlassic 2).... Any feedback? I also was thinking of ordering a non contact thermometer, penlight, pocket organizer and some other stuff (obviously a blood pressure cuff)... and we still have to order that other kit listed on the link they gave us at info. day? The kit with gloves, etc.
  5. I’m thinking of ordering the Littmann Cardiology IV...with a non chill ring and smaller ear pieces... What is everyone else ordering? Feedback? I’ve been spending days looking m/researching different types and brands.
  6. The school just sent out an email regarding this so I guess disregard.
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    License in two states?

    Oh wow....ok thank you!!! May I ask of you had any trouble finding a job considering the school was not ACEN accredited and no longer exists?
  8. Also, did anyone in your class by their own stethoscope that is different from the one in that kit they suggest? Thanks a bunch!
  9. Do you know if most of the students wore clog-type shoes or lace-up type shoes? Did some have cloth-based shoes (not mesh, but a softer material instead of leather or plastic)? (Slip-Resistant, EVA, etc.)
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    LASW, LACC, LAHC, LA pierce - Fall 2019

    @Vika22 What did you get on your TEAS?
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    LASW, LACC, LAHC, LA pierce - Fall 2019

    What number did you call? I just called 818 947 2559 and the lady said she couldn’t look anything up and to keep waiting.
  12. @JackieeS Thank you!!!
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    LASW, LACC, LAHC, LA pierce - Fall 2019

    Did they send you an official offer via email? I have received nothing. I think I got denied. Congrats to those whom got in!! I got into LA County Allied, but it’s not ACEN accredited so I’m a bit bummed.
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    LASW, LACC, LAHC, LA pierce - Fall 2019

    Why is CONAH nor Pierce (etc.) not ACEN accredited? Valley and some others are though. However, a lot of reputable ones aren’t. This is really disappointing. I really thought CONAH would be ACEN accredited.
  15. Does anyone know why this school isn’t ACEN accredited? For some reason I thought it was. Crap.