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    Sherri Taylors CPNE Workshop in NYC

    I'm interesting but it also depends on the date.
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    FCCA 2015

    Don't underestimate the fcca's, the recommended books are very useful.
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    FCCA - passed

  4. nceyshi


    Congrats in advance. Claim it it's yours.
  5. nceyshi

    Final hurdle

    You can do it best of luck.
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    Congrats hard work pays off.Congrats again.
  7. nceyshi

    Analyzing and Interpreting Literature

    This exam does not require much study time .Look through the study guide and become familiar with the literature terms. It's still doable even if you didn't look up the terms.Its graded by pass or fail.Good luck
  8. nceyshi

    It's a pass in Utica!

    Omg , not that I'm surprize, super super happy for you.Congrats.
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    Correction email nursejjr39@ gmail.com
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    Congrats , I would like to know how you prepared and your experience.Planning on testing there soon, thanks in advance nursejjr@gmail.com.
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    FCCA: Here I come

    C your way through, congrats.
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    Finally Passed the FCCA after the third try

    Congrats Lizzy I'm so happy for you.
  13. nceyshi

    Passed FCCA 12/12/14!

    Way to go, congrats .
  14. nceyshi

    CPNE bound...passed my last fcca 12/8/14

    Congrats on passing fcca.
  15. nceyshi


    Yeah congrats, job well done.
  16. nceyshi

    I'm an Rn

    Congrats """"""
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    Excelsior Credit By Exam

    I also use the recommended books and follow the the ec content guide but please make an investment in the practice exams, you won't regret it.Many people use study guide101, basically use what works for you.
  18. nceyshi

    Failed FCCA again

    I'm so sorry to hear that but the same thing happen to me.lm what you call a bookie, I speak nursing language everything I do on a daily basis involves nursing.Im so scared with tears in my eyes.Nursing is not just a job for me but I strongly believe it's my calling, my hubby is reading med surg books .I know that seems weird but we have one more try and with God all is possible
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    Failed LS1 on first attempt

    Use the recommended text book, follow the content guide the answers are all in the book, read not just read, read and understand the concept. Example, what's COPD? Definition, what causes it, what are s/s, how do treat it ,what are the drugs to threat it, how do they work, even if the content guide don't ask you attack each topic that way and see if that helps
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    Transition Exam

    Make an investment with the practice test, it will let you know if your on the right track.

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