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  1. Alternative to Straighterline (prelicensure program)

    So when you did EUKAN how did you do the labs?
  2. Western Governors WGU Pre-Licensure California 2017

    I hope you will post your experiences, as I'm hoping to get into a cohort in summer or fall of next year. Finishing up my prereqs now.
  3. LVN->Straighterline -> WGU (Pre-license BSN)

    I've submitted everything except of 3 prereq classes to enroll in the BSN. It's a better program for me than trying to do the LVN/RN bridge in CA.
  4. Best Online LPN to BSN Bridge Program???

    Excelsior is not accepted in all states (CA for one) and you need to check their website and your State BON before enrolling. It is a financially reasonable and doable program - just do your homework.
  5. Prerequisites online

  6. Chamberlain in Sacramento

    What are they?
  7. Week 1 and already drowing

    Videos and youtube help a lot - I also listen to audio of A&P as I fall asleep at night. There are lectures on itunes university too that you can listen to in the car. It sounds like you have a really high study load in addition to A&P and t...
  8. I also am a LVN with a BS in Psych - and they haven't evaluated my transcript yet. What did they waive for you? thanks!
  9. They are all in SoCal. I was told two years ago that they wouldn't consider me for the program because I lived in NorCal. So... I love to SoCal. I have heard on this board somewhere that this is someone who lives in NorCal and is in the program ...
  10. They don't, but I found it will probably be easier to get into this program than any public LVN to RN program in CA. I can't afford a private LVN to RN program. I'm finishing my prereqs through Straighterline and my application stuff is already in...
  11. Biochem online

    I just really wanted to get it out of the way before I started. It's not my strongest subject and I didn't want to start at WGU having to do something that scares me :)
  12. Biochem online

    I want to take an online biochem course before I start at WGU. Does anyone have a good one at a reasonable price? Thanks!
  13. LVN to RN Bridge Programs in San Diego, CA

    the CA BON has a list of accredited colleges. It was helpful in my search.
  14. Pacific Union College 2016 lvn-rn

    That's where I wanted to go, but they required one year of Med Surg experience in the last so many years, and I didn't have it
  15. LVN to RN (ADN) Programs in Nor Cal - nights & weekends

    The website at the CA RN BON has all the accredited programs. So of them do have other schedules. National University near Modesto has one night a week for classes, then weekend clinicals. You might be able to find someone to do the commute with...