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  1. Yayyyy I am officially a Registered Nurse!! After so many failing attempts I decided to give it another try. Everyone swore about Uworld so I decided to give it a try goshhhhh that's the best investments I've used on the Nclex. It allows you to critically think as you would on the nclex, when I first started my scores were 50-60s so I was like okay no need lol after I got closer to my exam date I started scoring 30-40s% I began laughing and crying at the same time like wth my exam is in 7 days...... Yes 7days I was scoring that. I began to pray, took a mental break nd went to my local library to look at the Kaplan strategy (2016-17)book and did the 8 categories(lowest18/25) which made me feel much better. Later that night I was watching YouTube videos of RegisteredNurseRN she made me remember things much better. Literally 3 days before my exam this bad ass anxiety came over me and I wanted to switch my test date went on the website nothing open for Sept nor Oct I was like damnnn I have no choice lol. Uworld started praying & praising God harder like never before. Day before my exam I did nothing but watched nurse Jackie lol not a good role model but just to see myself as RN Okay fast forward to exam day... EXAM DAY: Woke up super early because I couldn't sleep, played Gospel music took a cab to the site because I couldn't even imagine me driving, got there 1hr prior nd they allowed me to test. The lady was so encouraging as she drew a nursing hat next to my name and said "you will be out of here in no time,just watch" I just laughed and said Amen. Went in to test and literally at no. 5 I got sata I was shocked oh I put my game face on and started getting those back to back and boom there was no. 75 with a eassyyyyyyyy question I smiled because I knew I passed. Did the trick nd got the caution symbol sign thingy 48 hr's later got the "pass" applied for jobs that Friday and Monday I started getting interview calls I was like God this is all you!!! I start work next week. :). Thanks to the people on allnurses for all the support ,you guys rock! Resources: The Bible/praise songs Uworld Mark klimek audios Kaplan strategies 2016-17 35 page guide Kaplan FREE online sample classes Did tutoring on Wyzant 2 times but was pissed when I found out one of the tutors used her questions from the kaplan book smdh! To all my future nurse please don't give up! You passed nursing school! Don't let scores get to you. If you use Uworld really understand the rationales as to why you got it right or wrong. All the best ladies & Gents xoxo
  2. FunkyRN2b

    Supposed to test August 2nd...but

    Heyy AvaRose I will tell you now DONT GIVE UP!! You should not let what others have to say or feel about you determine your success. You went to Nursing school and that alone is a lot of time and effort in which you made it this far to sit for the NClex!! Please pray, study and have faith!! You got this deep down in you!! Use Uworld it's only $60 and it's really worth it as compared to the other pricey resources
  3. Hey I will suggest you use Hurst for content, its really good and Uworld also once content is mastered.
  4. FunkyRN2b

    Failed NCLEX-RN 5 times, PASSED on the 6th try!

    Yasssss congratulations girl
  5. FunkyRN2b

    NCLEX review options

  6. FunkyRN2b

    Failed NCLEX RN 7 times. Need help. Any suggestions are welcome.

    Ooh OK thank you but I didn't have any of that issue in the exam tho
  7. FunkyRN2b

    Failed NCLEX RN 7 times. Need help. Any suggestions are welcome.

    Heyyy guys does anyone know when they say your results are on hold. I tested today
  8. FunkyRN2b

    Passed NCLEX with 75 qs on SECOND attempt

    Facelyn- I sent you a message please can you respond. Thank in advance :)
  9. FunkyRN2b

    failed nclex 4 times.

    Heyyy guys I'm in the same situation, does anyone know any tutoring sessions I can sign up for or what can really help with content? I'm loosing hope but something in me is saying just do it another time.
  10. FunkyRN2b

    Passed NCLEX 2nd Try (265 Q + UWORLD)

  11. FunkyRN2b

    Finally passed NCLEX-RN on 6th Attempt!

    Congratulations, you definitely encouraged me
  12. FunkyRN2b

    Failed NCLEX - need advice

    Heyyy do you guys know about tutoring called tootRN? Or any other good tutors in NY or who does virtual?
  13. FunkyRN2b

    Taking NCLEX tomorrow

    Heyy guys does any of you know about the tutoring tootRN?
  14. FunkyRN2b

    Final countdown to NCLEX RN

    Oh OK feel a little better, because I was going crazy Lol. I'll review all that 2days prior. Thank you so much
  15. FunkyRN2b

    Final countdown to NCLEX RN

    Hey guys- Okay I've been on this forum for about a yr plus now and finally mentally ready to sit for my boards. i have taken the exam previously and gotten near passing. To cut a long story short i got back on my feet and decided that i will try it again. Resources I'm using: Kaplan: Qbanks 50-80%, trainers 7- 69.8%, sample test 3-80, sample 4-20% uworld- 40s-70s (harder than kaplan) 35 page study guide pda- mids 50s- high 60s I feel more ready now than ever but for some reason i feel like I'm forgetting everything smh. My date is approaching real fast and don't know what to do for the next few days/weeks. Any advice I'm willing to listen:)
  16. FunkyRN2b

    I passed my NCLEX with 75 questions on the first try!!!

    Please can someone email me the 35page study guide on here. I have the physical copy but i want one on my documents on my phone so I can read when outside. Funkyrn2b@gmail.com