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  1. Lucia1225

    difference of CPNRE and NCLEX-PN books

    Hi everyone! I will write my CPNRE on Jan 2017. I am currently using NCLEX-PN and CPNRE prep guide to study for it. Since there are a lot of NCLEX materials and test banks in the market. However for CPNRE, there is just few resources including the prep guide. It only has 230 questions. DOes anyone know where I can find some test-bank for CPNRE? what kind of materials are you using? I Are questions in CPNRE a lot more different compared to US NCLEX questions? Thank you
  2. Lucia1225

    Best CPNRE RESOURCES to use

    Hi thank you, this is really helpful!! I am also thinking about using NCLEX materials first to pick up all the medical knowledge at first. And you mention that the CPNRE is different from NCLEX. what is the difference? could you give me some examples? since there is very few question-bank like resources of CPNRE (only prep guide), and I want to practice more questions I cannot just use the prep guide. the guide is good but question bank is not large as other publishers NCLEX books. Could you let me know where you practiced questions when you prepare your CPNRE? do you know any other question bank of CPNRE which I can use? than k you so much
  3. Ya I think BIOL 235 is not enough. They suggest me to take their ANP 1107
  4. U of Calgary is too far for me. Hope I can find some schools near Ottawa. But OttawaU has limited admission so far...they said they only admited 12-18 people
  5. Yes that's correct! I emailed them and they told me to take another ANP1107 to meet the requirement. How about your application this year?
  6. Hello! I don't have the research method course, either. I am taking BIOL 235 and MATH215 (STAT) course from Athabasca U currently. Since you talk about the January entry program, I ve never heard that one before? do you have the link? Is it Ottawa U's program? Hope we can keep in touch!
  7. Lucia1225

    Second-Entry Nursing Programs - 2014 Hopeful

    Hello Lynn Is the Athabasca U 's BIOL 235 course most rely on wiley plus material? today is the first day to take this online course. I ve never taken an online course before, I am very exciting as well as a little confused. Did you get into the Ottawa u program of 2nd entry ? what is the GPA they required? thank you~
  8. Lucia1225

    Second-Entry Nursing Programs - 2014 Hopeful

    Hello Lynn I am currently taking AP course in Athabasca. Ottawa U told me to take BIOL235 at Athabasca and ANP 1107 at OU. Is that a good choice? I really need your advise and I also didn't have STAT & research method course. Do you think STAT course in THomson River U good ? I was hesitating to take it at athabasca or other university. But I prefer to take it online. thank you
  9. Lucia1225

    Second-Entry Nursing Programs - 2014 Hopeful

    Hello Outlandish! I am in AC too. I am currently taking AP courses via Athabasca U. I don't have the STAT and Reserach Method credits, neither. Did you take the courses as a special student at Ottawa U? When did you plan to apply for the second entry program? I was a little worried that it is very competitive so I apply for AC first and take university credit online. How about you now?
  10. Lucia1225

    Second-Entry Nursing Programs - 2014 Hopeful

    Hello Do you want to applly for Ottawa U second entry in 2015? How many prerequisite courses did you take?
  11. Hello everyone! Does anyone want to apply for the Ottawa U second entry nursing program starts from 2015? Is it very hard to be enrolled in this program according to Ottawa U 's website? I am currently taking prerequisite course at Athabasca U (BIOL 235)

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