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dagobah has 16 years experience as a ASN, BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. dagobah

    A week later, and the job is done

  2. dagobah

    Down to single digits....

    This is here say. Someone I know who knows someone knew of a nurse positive for the last test. Results came in after marbling out. A new complaint kicked in and a new mandatory program started for this nurse. Brought that nurse back in with a complaint generated by the BRN. I believe it. But, of course, couldn't corroborate that story. Ask your support group leader, they might know of a case.
  3. dagobah

    Maybe HR Won’t Notice My Accusation, ha, ha?

    Just wanted to write that I'm rooting for you. All of us are in some way.
  4. dagobah

    Do you miss it?

    Do I miss it? No. But, man I am always thinking how lucky I am. Got my life back together. Next month I pick up my "X" chip...yup, 10 years. No etoh, no mind-altering substances....I'm clacking away on this typing and I don't know why I still continue. Life is a lot better that's for sure. Thoughts are still there....maybe I can have a glass of red wine with the rib eye.....then I play the tape forward. Nah, I'm good. I find myself browsing through this forum last couple of days. Guess I'm blown away that a decade is coming up. For those still in, hang in there it'll end soon. Being broke sucked that first year and a half : (
  5. dagobah

    Down to single digits....

    I love reading these types of posts. Ahhh, memories. Congrats! Almost done!!! [clap, clap, clap!!!] I got tested the day before I marbled out.
  6. dagobah


    In CA, yes. It's connected to the other licenses.
  7. dagobah

    terminated for drug diversion

    Sent you a PM. “Your story is my story” best of luck
  8. dagobah

    Countdown roll call

    Omg! Too funny! I had to look back what I wrote. The OP had 99 days, and I replied the next day meaning that CatsMeow72 now has 98 days. I got out Nov 2012. Thank you though! : ) Congrats to you in a couple of days!!!! Sweet!!!!
  9. dagobah

    Countdown roll call

    Take a screenshot of your last log in for sentimental reasons. The next day your account is closed and can’t log in. Got out Nov 2012 and such a great reminder of that hell! Almost done hang in there!!!
  10. dagobah

    MSN done

    Thank you! I feel like I know you all. I always skim through these as a reminder. Thanks again!!
  11. dagobah

    MSN done

    After 3 years I can now officially put MSN after my name! Graduated and walked last week. Woohoo! If someone were to ask me 10 years ago if I’d still be sober and that I’d finish a BSN and an MSN I would say that can’t possibly be me. Ten years ago, unemployed, removed from practice, and on the verge of losing everything. I got out Nov 2012 from mandatory program and started MSN Fall 2016. This Nov will be 10 yrs sober from etoh and mind-altering substances. Quality problems now is what do I do with this grad degree. Just wanted to check in because this place in August 2008 was my only place to see there was hope. People here are more honest than the nurses I had in support group. Well, have a good day you amazing people! Couldn’t have done it without your help.
  12. dagobah

    Who is attending NTI? We are!

    It was great to meet you at NTI! Thanks for the pen! See you next year at Indianapolis!! #nti2020
  13. dagobah

    Going back to school while in monitoring

    Did my RN-to-BSN during monitoring. Program didn’t require clinicals which was a plus, but it did require an unencumbered license. Worked out in my case. My clinicals was in a simulation lab...no patient care. A lot depends on school, type of monitoring program, etc, especially when looking to go into an APRN graduate program. Best to you.
  14. dagobah

    Returning to work after incident

    Find another position. Clean slate.
  15. dagobah

    Countdown roll call

    days left now! Congrats! Love reading these! Yay on getting to eat whatever the heck you want!! Yay on working OT if you want! Yay on quitting one job and getting another whenever you want!
  16. dagobah

    RESUME tips for "us"

    11 months total time didn’t work gap reason: tending to family illness went through 8 interviews until finally landing a position maintained current certs during time off, i.e. BLS, ACLS, CCRN, etc didn’t get any new certs previous employment...I made it a point to place contact number with HR number, not my immediate boss. Nor did I mention my immediate boss. First few interviews is nerve racking and shows the nervousness. It gets better. Think of interviews as practice big companies that I want to eventually work for I saved for the future...meaning I did not want to apply while in mandatory program. I will apply and save the dream job after monitoring. I did not intend to say my constraints until after I’m extended an offer. (Everyone different on this issue) last, to make myself more employable?? Be confident and reassuring during interview. When it comes to the past, own it and accept it. I didn’t apologize for it. I regretted it and made me a better person today. Bad decisions have consequences. Boom! Got the job!

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