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  1. angiemarie22554

    Want to move into clinic

    I started out in a clinic only because of a lack of hospital jobs in my area but we have 3 clinics and do primary and urgent care so I get the best of both worlds but do wish to end up in a hospital eventually.
  2. angiemarie22554

    9 months in, quitting to work private practice

    I graduated a year ago in New Orleans with my ADN, I chose ADN over BSN because of the school I wanted to go to. I am a VERY hands on learner and did my best learning in clinical and the school I chose gave us tons of clinical experience. I was all set to graduate and start in an ER but then my husband's job transferred him to Virginia. Well, the part of Virginia I am in must really have something against New grad ADN's because it's been a year of applying at the 3 hospitals near me and I don't even get call backs, even with many years of pre nursing school experience working as an stress test/ECG technician and inpatient Geriatric psych. So I started in an Urgent Care clinic to at least have work and some experience and when I first started I worked mostly in the clinic doing triage, strep testing, flu testing, giving meds (mostly IM and some iv fluids) but now mainly work with retrieving our lab results and reviewing them and either calling patients to advise them about their labs or talking with our doctors about our critical labs. It's flexible and not terrible but I'd like to get into a hospital for better pay and the opportunity to keep my skills fresh. I plan on starting my BSN soon and pray that will help me get into a position but from what I'm learning, hospital jobs are like political games here. Anyway there are lots of clinic RN jobs, but they often come with using less skills and less pay.
  3. angiemarie22554

    Nurses bettering lives

    I work for an urgent care center in an area where there's not many hospital options so we have a very high volume of a variety of problems and traumas that come in. The things that make me realize I chose the right career are being the eyes many scared children look to during procedures that are painful, holding the hands of patients being given the awful news of a bad prognosis, when a patient tells me that they are alive due to my advice. There are many more reasons and there are many very tiring days when I question my ability to keep up but for me, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. I can't imagine doing anything else and the truth of the situation where I am, on average I spend more time and effort on each patient than any doctor I know, we're usually the ones informing the Dr that things are turning to the worse for patients.
  4. angiemarie22554

    Moving to BR with 6 mo experience as RN

    It'll be easy to find a job, I graduated from nursing school in New Orleans. The schools and clinicals are much more rigorous than in other places which makes getting an RN job right out of school a breeze. They don't view New grads like other places does. I moved to Virginia after graduating in May and still can't find a decent job, everyone just keeps saying they require a year experience but yet nobody will hire. They all seem shocked or almost as if they can't believe the amount of clinical experience I have but with the crazy amount of large hospitals in New Orleans you shouldn't have any problems getting on anywhere, especially being that you do already have some experience. Good luck and you'll love it there!
  5. angiemarie22554

    New to VA

    I have looked into a few things but there aren't any available in the area. I'm going to keep looking and applying and gaining any experience possible while I wait for an opportunity to open up. I'm also registering to start an acceleration Adn to Bsn program for January so I'm hoping that'll also help.
  6. angiemarie22554

    New to VA

    Thanks for the response. I am currently at an urgent care center and doing per diem work doing flu clinics but am still searching during any free time.
  7. angiemarie22554

    relocating to VA (Richmond)- need opinion on workplaces

    Where is VCU? I relocated here from New Orleans two months ago and am getting no responses from hospitals and am beginning to get frustrated :-(
  8. angiemarie22554

    Did you pass nclex on 2nd,3rd,4th try etc share your success

    I failed the first time because I waited until the week before to start going over questions, I took the first one less than a month after graduation. I went in knowing I didn't study as much as I should have but figured I'd at least get to see what it was about, had all 265 questions and failed. I scheduled the second test exactly 45 days later (45 day wait required by the state I was in) but this time I took my husband's advice (he's not a nurse but has great study tips) and I did 2 hours every morning of nothing but practice questions. I didn't use any online paid study material, I used a Nclex style question bank from one of my old Saunders Nclex CD's. I have 3 kids, 2 of which are 2 year old twins so getting up and doing my 2 hours first thing in the morning worked best for me because I had my husband there to help with the kids so I could lock myself in our office and because it was before any stress of the day could affect my thinking process. I stuck to the very strict 2 hours daily and passed it the second try. I do have anxiety and ADHD so I know a part of my issue the first time was anxiety and the inability to keep myself still after hitting the 100 question mark but by forcing myself to sit quietly every day for those 2 hours for 45 days straight, it helped me mentally prepare myself for it. It's not too late to set up a schedule and stick to it until you test again. Good luck, you'll do great!
  9. angiemarie22554

    New to VA

    Hi, I am very new to the Stafford/Fredericksburg area and I'm a ADN RN from New Orleans. I am a new graduate, graduated in May with over 900 clinical hours. I will be applying to a BSN program within a year but so far have had no luck with finding a hospital job. I have 7 years past experience in a doctor's office that provided a lot of experience with skills and my nursing school was very hands on but so far, business managers look at my resume and listed skills with surprise, almost as if it's not the norm around here to gain that amount of experience in school or that my last job was as a CNA but then now I'm an RN. I do know that finding that first job will take time but I'm starting to worry about it with the little feedback I'm getting and I also know some times it's about who you know. Hoping to get some feedback from some experienced local RN's with some advice.