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  1. orangemouth

    Makati medical center- cetn 2012

    php 900 for the white CARE uniform
  2. orangemouth

    Makati Medical Center CARE 2015

    heya! sorry for the late reply. They only hire those who have a board rating of 80 above...as far as I know. They will offer you another position if you have
  3. orangemouth

    BLS, First Aid, ACLS, and IVT Training

    Try to look at ANSAP's website for an ivt schedule or go the hospital near your place and ask if they are conducting an Ivt. Try to inquire at the Red Cross regarding their BLS,ACLS package.
  4. orangemouth

    Makati Medical Center CARE 2015

    yes. mmc is hiring. I heard that they have another batch of CARE trainees this august. try completing your requirements. they don't collect fees for their training program.
  5. orangemouth

    Diliman Doctors Hospital

    There is still hope. tricity,vrp,mmc are hiring. try passing your CV to as many hospitals as possible. Don't lose faith. if you are willing to pay, SLMC, Capitol, TMC, Asian, Worldciti, Cardinal are conducting a post graduate training and there's a high chance of being absorbed. Godspeed.
  6. orangemouth

    Nurse Hiring 2014 Manila Area

    VRP and MakatiMed are hiring. You need to have a board rating of 80 above. There's no harm in trying anyway. St.lukes GC, Capitol, CardinalSantos, WorldCiti are conducting a PGNT. There's a fee and heard that there's a high possibility of being absorbed. keep the faith guys.
  7. orangemouth

    Ancillary Nursing

    Hi. You can become a staff nurse even if you are in the Ancillary unit. Or are you saying that you want to become a bedside nurse? If that's the case, then you might want to think about the offer. Ancillary nurses are the nurses from Pain unit, infection control, geria unit, wellness unit, diabetic unit,etc that don't do bedside care. Goodluck on your interview. cheers!:)
  8. orangemouth

    Makati Medical Center CARE 2015

    There is no opening for a staff nurse position. There are still 3 batches that are for manpooling. They already stop their screening process as of the moment. The first three batches were asked for another position instead.
  9. orangemouth

    Diliman Doctors Hospital

    I think this hospital is late in texting their applicants.I took the exam last week of January this year. They texted/ivited me for an interview this friday but I didn't go because I changed my mind and I realized that I don't want to work in a hospital. I am working in a different field right now. Anyway, keep your faith guys. :)
  10. orangemouth

    Makati medical center- cetn 2012

    hi mochikuchi!! now I wonder how many are we in our batch... I feel you. I really don't know what to do right now. The waiting game is killing me inside. I am also not sure if my medicals are clear because the hr haven't contacted me yet. I think we should just hope for the best the they will contact us sooner.
  11. orangemouth

    Makati medical center- cetn 2012

    hi @pls04!! are you done with your medicals/requirements? I read the whole thread and I found out that we both passed our resume last September and finally got a text this Feb inviting us to take the exam. and,.. most probably, we will be on the same batch but I'm still waiting for their text on when to pass the requirements.
  12. orangemouth

    St. Luke's Global City Training 2012.

    hi pls04!! :)) haha, we're both active in this forum eh? :)) @datablitz hi! SLMC-GC..
  13. In Metro North, you will just fill-up a form in their information area and you will need to submit a 1x1 pic and that's it. they didn't get my resume or anything. Providence Hospital- just leave your resume to the guard. I really don't know the requirements because the guard just asked for my resume but I included all the credentials that are vital in my application (tor, board rating. cert, license). Pacific Global - I also passed the ff: resume,tor, board rating. cert, license.. the hr personnel told me to go back next week for an interview and exam. o.O
  14. orangemouth

    2014 - The Medical City

    hey!! let's give our fellow colleagues some positivity :) try and try until we succeed. :) haha. I'm on my 3rd wk of hospital-hunting next week,,.. Goodluck to all of us.
  15. orangemouth

    Metropolitan Medical Center currently hiring staff nurses

    whoa! thank you for that information. that will really help a lot of us who were scared just by the thought of that 'good-looking nurses'. :) but unluckily, they started their training already so I'll just wait for another update on when they will be hiring again.