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  1. nadairRN

    advice for mistakes made at work

    Not being there and only knowing part of what happened; I see it like this... A medication like that (Seroquel) should be locked up! Not sure what your facilities protocol is, but that is how it is most places; and that is the nurses responsibility. The patient should not have even been able to get ahold of the prescription until they were D/C'ed and on their way out. So, this is partly the nurses "fault". But you also have to look at the patient safety side of the situation. What would you have done if you was the nurse?? I know many people don't want to be in a confrontation, but while the patient is in your care YOU/NURSE is responsible for that patient. Keeping them safe is your utmost concern. As for if you should mention this to your supervisor. In my opinion, if it were me, I would. It's not about getting anyone in trouble or taking the blame, it just seems like it is a learning opportunity. Though it sounds like the incident was an accident, it should not have happened. Maybe think about bringing this to the attention of your supervisor and discuss what happened and the flaws in the incident; this could help to prevent this from happening in the future and keep your patients safe. BEST OF LUCK!!
  2. nadairRN

    Considering LPN.

    Matt: I started out in nursing as an Aide (for 5 years) then became a LPN (for another 2 years) while going back to school for my RN. There is nothing wrong with getting your LPN first, to get your schooling started and your foot in the door somewhere. I too live in Central Ohio and while the hospitals in Columbus aren't hiring many ADN RN's the Long Term Care facilities ALWAYS will... Just remember, whatever schooling you do (should, most often) transfer toward your RN, whether it's your ADN or your BSN... I am now a RN and just started my BSN program. I have been looking for a job in a hospital but haven't landed one yet, but I do have a job. I worked in a LTC facility for a few years and now I do Home Health... So the point I am trying to make is, starting out with your LPN isn't always bad, it can actually get you some great experience; and you can always be working toward your RN.... I didn't think I could go to school either, cause I didn't have the money; but that isn't true!!! Please feel free to contact me back on here and I will be honored to help you find some resources...BEST OF LUCK, YOU CAN DO IT!!
  3. nadairRN

    TEAS V practice test vs real test

    I used books from my local library. I was able to check them out and have them for as long as I needed. It is "paper/pencil" but worth the time. There are so many to study from and I thought they really helped...Best of luck to you!!!