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BodyInMotion is a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surge.

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  1. BodyInMotion

    NP Salaries

    Anyone practicing in Alabama?
  2. BodyInMotion

    FNP study tactics

    How many times did you have to read or study a topic/assignment before it stuck? I have to read the material up to 3 times to really get it. What has helped you retain what you read?
  3. BodyInMotion

    Expressing gratitude and appreciation to co-workers

    Thank You Thank You for this post!! I LOVE positive, appreciative comments. I am usually the only smiling face on the elevator ride to work each morning, but by the time we reach our floor there are a few more corner lips turning up, even if it's to tell me to stop smiling.
  4. BodyInMotion

    New Nurse, what did I get myself into...

    My preceptor said that she never once had the opportunity to start an IV in nursing school. So many skills to be learned but the opportunities are seriously lacking in school. It's unrealistic to ask 'didn't you learn this or that in school or clinicals?' I had several clinical days in which there were not enough patients for 8 students, lessening our chances to learn/practice skills. I've always heard nurses eat their young but I'm lucky in that I work some amazing (team players) men and women. Don't beat yourself up, EVERYONE that I graduated with, myself included, feels just like you do. It gets a better, a little easier with each passing month. Yes, MONTH, it's a process.