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crNAtion specializes in critical-care.

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  1. crNAtion

    September 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Sherry, why don't you take a break to...recharge your batteries.
  2. crNAtion

    Air Force January 2015 COT

    Hey guys, I'm Alex from Boise, Idaho. I'm a Med-Surg select taking the six year option. Still working out plans for my commissioning. COT in January, NTP in Tampa, then orders to SAMMC. Congratulations to everyone. akracht--thanks for starting the FB page. Looking forward to meeting you all!
  3. In order to meet the changing healthcare needs of our country, the educational standards for nurses are rising. Advanced practice nurses will need training at the doctorate level in order to work as CRNAs, NPs, etc. What are the pros and cons associated with these changes?
  4. crNAtion

    Home Health Nursing

    I have a family member who benefits from regular visits from a home health nurse. It's easier to have someone who can travel to him rather than having to get into a car, drive to a clinic, and move around more than he can tolerate. As healthcare and technology evolve, we are finding ways to save money and prevent illness by keeping clients out of the hospital and in their home, as well as discharging clients quicker from the hospital. This will dramatically change the way home health care agencies operate--especially in rural areas. In what ways, good or bad, will this affect home health nursing? What services will be provided in the home in the future?
  5. crNAtion

    Nursing Leadership Strategies

    I believe all nurses are leaders (or at least they should be) because it takes an incredible skill set to be able to provide quality care to various patient populations. How does a nurse go about becoming a leader? In what ways can they demonstrate this to their coworkers without coming across as rude or disrespectful? How does a new graduate nurse obtain respect as a leader from their peers despite their lack of clinical experience?
  6. crNAtion

    General Nursing Student

    Although I have now graduated from my BSN program, I really felt for those nursing students who struggled to find work that related to the nursing field. For example, some states allow you work as a nurse technician during your nursing program until you obtain your degree. Of course, there are opportunities to work as a CNA/LPN depending on the state in which you work. Then again, it's hard for most students to gain part-time work as a CNA/LPN during the summer on breaks from school (unless they live close to where they go to school and can maintain that job throughout the school year). Are there any other ideas for jobs that nursing students specifically could benefit from? Retail gets old, fast.
  7. crNAtion

    Pre-CRNA Inquiry

    It is my dream to one day work as a CRNA. What are some suggestions you guys have to prepare myself for this career field. I understand it takes a solid foundation in critical-care nursing before you are even able to apply to most CRNA programs. I plan to work in an ICU within the next few years to gain experience in this area of nursing. For those of you who are following a similar path, are currently in CRNA school, or are established nurse anesthetists already, what are your suggestions? Any advice on challenges you experienced, certifications to get, programs to look into, things to study, classes to take (or retake) to improve chances of getting accepted to CRNA school?
  8. crNAtion

    Entrepreneurs in Nursing

    Part of what makes nursing such a great career choice is the different ways you can use the degree. I'm interested in the way that some RNs have used their degree and their skills to make a living--other than simply working at the bedside in a hospital. What are some of the things you do on a daily basis? What challenges did you overcome along the way in using your degree creatively? How does nursing tie into the work you do?
  9. crNAtion

    Agency Nurses

    I've seen a few agency nurses on my unit, and I'm impressed with the work they do. I'm interested in learning what it's like to be an agency nurse. Does anyone have a testimonial? I can't imagine moving from place to place, and trying to make friends along they way. It must be hard to develop trust amongst the regular staff because they know you are new and that you likely won't be staying there long. Not to mention all of the learning you guys do on the fly because no two hospitals are the same. How do you guys do it?
  10. crNAtion

    Nursing Humor / Share Jokes

    Alright, as nurses we are exposed to a LOT of humorous situations (especially all you ER nurses). Maybe it's a funny joke or encounter with a patient, family member, or fellow coworker. I'm sure you guys have some great ones. While maintaining confidentiality/patient privacy, let's hear 'em!
  11. crNAtion

    Health / Stress Management 101

    Hello fellow nurses. I am curious how you guys cope with the stress of day to day work in the healthcare field? Especially for those of you who work in specialties such as the ED, ICU, OR, etc... How do handle death and disability on a daily basis while still maintaining a positive outlook on life? I am fascinated by this. For example, after interning on a med-surg ICU floor, I noticed how nurses were able to dissociate from all the grief and chaos they experience on the unit when they take their lunch break. Where do we draw that line of being able to deal with the stress as professionals, yet not become numb or insensitive to the work we are doing? After all, these are human lives we are working with!
  12. crNAtion

    Men in Nursing

    It's fascinating to see more men stepping into nursing. As a male nurse myself, I think it is going to be great for the profession--much like it has been beneficial for more women to pursue careers in medicine. Aside from the convenience of having a staff member who is potentially taller, larger, and stronger, what are some of the other benefits of having more men in the nursing field? What challenges will this present, and how will patients perceive nursing care from a male versus care from a female?
  13. crNAtion

    Patient Education

    I'm curious how you guys approach patient education with clients who do not seem to care about learning how to manage or prevent exacerbation of their illness. I'm especially with clients who are readmitted frequently for chronic health problems like heart failure, COPD, diabetic crises, etc. Many of these patients are readmitted within 30 days of discharge from the hospital because of poor self-management of their health. We are finally instituting reimbursement penalties for some of these situations so that healthcare providers have an incentive to keep patients healthy and out of the hospital by instructing them accordingly. What can we realistically expect from these clients when teaching them about their disease?
  14. crNAtion

    HIPAA and Nursing Challenges

    HIPAA is a fundamental principle for nurses to understand in protecting the privacy of our clients. We have to be aware of the ways in which information can accidentally be leaked, or visitors can present threats to the safety of our clients. For example, I never understood how a person could just waltz in through the doors to a hospital unit, walk into a patient's room, and potentially harm the client. I know some defenses are in place: locked doors, unit clerks and other staff to ask the person who they are and why they are there, passwords to access certain rooms, etc. However, if these defenses aren't in place (which they often are not for practical/financial reasons), many patients in the hospital are easily accessible and vulnerable to such threats. How can we reconcile not sharing information over the telephone to a stranger who claims to be a friend/family member when we will let any Tom, Dick, or Harry visit the patient in person when they're claiming the same thing? What are your thoughts on this?
  15. crNAtion

    Nurses Rock

    Nurses play such an integral role in our healthcare system. They are the ones actually 'doing healthcare.' They make good things happen, and prevent bad things from happening (or getting worse). What do you guys think about nurses? In what ways will nurses be used to meet the evolving healthcare needs of our country? I'm interested to hear the ways in which nurses have impacted your lives.
  16. crNAtion

    NCLEX Discussion Forum

    Does anyone have any ideas for NCLEX-RN review tips? I know all sorts of different programs exist, but which one(s) would you guys recommend?