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  1. RN in ILLINOIS, looking for a job in NYC

    Hi, I would send my resume but indicate that NYS state RN license is pending. New York can be a tough market for a nurse, but if you are willing to be flexible you can find a job. Also, If you have a BSN it will help a lot. Personally, I moved back...
  2. ICU Feedback

    Hello, Last week, I interviewed at two ICU units. One unit was in critical care unit in a community hospital, and the other was a micu in a teaching hospital. Currently, I am working on an integrated acute/imu floor and I want to enter the ICU area f...
  3. Wilmington University

    Hi, I was accepted to Wilmington University. I plan to take most of my classes in a classroom setting and I am very nervous. Has anyone attended Wilmington University and could he or she tell about his/her experience?
  4. FNP program(s)

    Hello Everyone, I have an ADN and a non-nursing BS. I am looking for a FNP program that are accepting similar applicants. I want to apply to at least 3 programs. I plan to apply to a local program and Frontier, but I need an third program. Does anyo...