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  1. Bjarte

    Have any Illinois nurses heard of Aurora University?

    I honestly would explore your options a little more. I went to AU and from my experience with the AUSON, I would not go there again. The professors are more concerned with their own progression "up the ladder" than their students, and it is easy to see reflected in their teaching. A lot of time is wasted (lecture and lab) and the only way to learn anything is to develop your own plan of learning. Also I would suggest looking into NCLEX pass ratings for schools that you are interested in; these are a good indication of how well the programs are preparing graduate nurses. AU's pass rating has declined drastically in the last year or so which I would say might have something to do with a few of the "real" teachers leaving and the self-serving professors climbing the administrative ladder.
  2. I actually read the chapters assigned (and by read I mean skim) but I also take handwritten notes while reading. I know this seems like a lot but I usually do some of it in class while somewhat listening to lecture. It seems to be working since the averages for both of my tests so far have been 70s and I've gotten As on both. If you think about it, professors are usually just regurgitating textbook material and providing examples and scenarios. I guess the important part is noticing what in your textbooks is "fluff" (which is the majority), and not double tapping content if you understand it. If you get it go on. A good thing to do also is supplement your readings with short youtube videos like khanacademymedicine etc.. Best of luck!
  3. Bjarte

    Nursing book bag..help!

    I chose to go with the crates as well. I got lucky and got all of my classes and labs on tuesday/thursday so I threw two crates in my trunk and my books for each day into both of them. I then got a copy of the aid bag that I used in the military from an Army surplus store since I know that they can take the abuse and offer good support so you don't tear up your back. Another plus is that nearly 90% (don't quote me on that I'm just spit-balling a number) of military styled bags have TONS of pockets/pouches, are lightweight, and have what's called a M.O.L.L.E system which allows you to add/remove lots of different pouches easily. I just go to my car between classes and swap out a binder and books in like 5 minutes and I plan on using the same bag for clinical as well. In short, find that system that accommodates your schedule the best.
  4. That is a very good observation as well. I really don't hold any grudges or think anyone is out to get me specifically and as long as I am able to abide by the rules, like I am trying to do, I don't think that dress code will be an issue later down the road. I understand that some people are stuck in there ways and don't like change. When I say push this forward I should probably clarify and rephrase; I will be tip-toeing in the shadows like a ninja.
  5. I've been very careful to not say the "s word" because I know it will only make things worse. Unfortunately in America we tend to do a lot of victim blaming when it comes to matters of gender discrimination, racism, abuse of women and children, etc. (i.e. why was SHE dressed like that with those guys at that bar; why do THEY have to respond this way; why can't HE just shut up and wear his jacket like a good boy and every male before him) and it sickens me to no end. I don't know, maybe I digress but I hope that at least one day we can set aside trivial bickering and focus on what really matters in our field; the patient/client.
  6. I have thought of this and will be pushing this forward. Although there are no men in any leadership positions of student representation I am hoping that the female students will empathize more than the faculty. Another direction I have thought of is to talk to the only male faculty member and see if he could offer some advice.
  7. Okay so here's the update. I spoke to several other guys today and they said that they all had the same problem but not one of them thought to say something. The Dean of Nursing herself said that I can order the men's equivalent of the jacket. Her exact words were, "Oh whatever, just have him order the men's one!" I was standing outside the door. When I asked her secretary (the one who relayed the information to me since for some reason the dean couldn't talk to me directly) if the dean knew that the jacket was a women's she quickly replied, "Yes she knows and she said to just order the men's equivalent." when I asked if this applied to the other men she said no just me. The thing that worried me the most was that they acted as if I was whining about some trivial issue and being a brat but hey I have thick skin so be it. So yahhhh, victory right?!? I'm not really sure. Obviously I'm going to be the only person wearing a different jacket and when asked why by professors, clinical instructors, and students I'm going to say simply that I have the male version of the jacket. I'm also sure that when other men hear this they are going to complain and guess who's head the Dean is going to want on a stake? I feel like I've painted a huge target on my back just for standing up for what's right in an extremely tactful manner. It's going to be a rough year.....
  8. Bjarte

    Being a nurse in the army

    I was in the Army for a little over six years working with and later for the US Army Medical Command and I can tell you that I 100% agree with the responses so far. Also note that deployments and assignments are slowing down in all branches of the service, Army included. This is because soldiers just aren't needed as much as they were during peek points of OIF/OEF. All branches are turning away many qualified nurse candidates because of this. That's not to say that you couldn't join still in the next four years or so but that it is highly competitive. If the fact that you are a male is detouring you from even trying then I would urge you to consider another path. No disrespect but that kind of outlook going into a predominantly female profession is setting yourself up for failure before you even make steps toward your goal. In the end if it is really what you want to do in life trivial things such as gender won't stop you. I would also suggest trying to find an MEDCOM recruiter or ROTC program in your area and speak with them if you want to pursue this. They should, and I say should with a grain of salt, be able to tell you how the projections for the nurse corps are looking and offer some additional advice. I'd also have to agree with wtbcrna and say to take Concerto_in_C's opinion as just that an opinion; and a very poor grasp on what military life is like.
  9. Yes I approached my professor first and it is currently going up the chain of command to the Dean of nursing. The professor was 100% against me getting another jacket but I hope the Dean of nursing shares your rationale. I'll update when I hear something back. Hopefully it doesn't take to long because I have to get it embroidered again and a patch sewn on (great another $45).
  10. Thanks for the quick responses. I have offer other men's jackets as solutions and they shot that down really quick. I think it may come down to me having to wear it for them to see but again I don't want to **** anyone off. Is this even right? I fully support equal treatment for all races, genders, sexes, religions, etc. but this seems program is starting to show signs everywhere that nursing is a women's profession (which I do not agree with). The dress code even said that I had to wear white hose haha. I'm starting to wonder if this were a business school and they required all students to wear men's suits if this would "fly". I know that is a ridiculous example but you hopefully get the point.
  11. So first let me say that I debated posting this in the male nursing study section but figured that I would prefer the opinions of both men and women (admins please move if it is in the wrong section). So the issue: I had nursing school orientation today and it went great except for one thing. We received our uniform jackets and my large sized jacket's sleeve only reached to mid-forearm on me (I'm 6'3" with long arms and broad shoulders). Needless to say this puzzled me as a men's large should definitely reach further. The buttons were also on my left side which, and correct me if I am wrong ladies, is the style of a women's jacket. Obviously I thought this was an error since I have a unisex name and I called the uniform store that embroiders our jackets. They said that the school specifically requires Cherokee brand Navy cardigan style 4301 jackets for all nursing students. I then went back to the school and they confirmed that that is the only option for all nursing students for uniformity reasons. Fair enough I thought until I googled Cherokee cardigan jacket style 4301 and all of the results said women's jacket; not unisex but women's. Now I don't really care what sex/color/ the jacket is or whether it is technically a women's jacket, I care that it does not fit me and the other sizes are either too short (above my belt line) or too long with the sleeves still above my wrist. I then decided that I shouldn't trust google and called Cherokee directly. They confirmed that style 4301 is 100% a women's jacket not unisex and that their male equivalent is style 4350. Why has this not been an issue I wondered. The school of nursing officials told me that no men have had any major issues with their's as most students just pushed their sleeves up as well. Unfortunately I cannot do this as I have two full sleeves of tattoos; classic catch 22. I will happily cover but my women's jacket sleeves are too short. So basically my questions are; 1) can my school require me to wear a women's jacket (not unisex) if it does not fit me in a medium, large, or extra large; and 2) If yes, for uniformity, why would they require a women's jacket for all yet allow me to wear men's scrubs that are different than women's obviously? I have approached the school already (tactfully because I don't want to **** off the people that will be grading me for the next two years) and their attitude was very unbudging. Can they do this? Any help, advice, and/or opinions would be appreciated greatly. Thanks.