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  1. t&g0913

    Wasting meds AFTER admin?

    I usually waste when I pull from the pyxis but here's one reason some nurses may not (and this story is not the first time or pt this has happened with): Pt was getting 0.5mg Dilaudid, which was 0.25mL. I would draw it up in the med room so I could waste right away, then take the syringe to the pt's room and administer it. 2 days into taking care of this pt, she said, "you know, I never feel it/get good pain control when you administer it, but when my night nurses do, its incredibly strong and helpful." I went over that I dilute it in NS, maybe I was pushing it slower, etc but then I told her i'd bring the unopened vial in next time and measure the dose in front of her. I did, and the pt said the same thing about not feeling it, etc even though we both saw that the correct dose was being given. The pt was having a legitimate lot of pain, so I think the night shift nurses were giving her a "nurse's dose", possibly up to the full 2mg. This is wrong on so many levels (call the doc so the pt can have consistent pain control since 0.5 isn't working!), so now i'm more inclined to bring the unopened vials to the pt's room and draw it up in front of them.
  2. t&g0913

    Baylor 2017 Internships

    $5 nights $6 weekends (or maybe the other way around) $3 evenings which i think is 7p-11p
  3. What does UC stand for....
  4. t&g0913

    Job advice for new grad RN

    I would bet the other hospital has "expectations" as well. No one wants to pay to train a new grad for them to leave soon after. My hospital didn't make new grads sign a contract but they still expect you to stick around for a few years.
  5. I think you still start as an RN I and move into RN II after 1.5-2 yrs
  6. t&g0913

    Speeding tickets and employment

    I think it's more to see if you read things carefully. Who would hide a speeding ticket??
  7. If it helps anyone, I applied last year after priority and got my acceptance email on 10/20. I had a 3.2 overall, high science GPA and 92 on the hesi. I think my letters of rec were probably what saved me, because I had no healthcare experience or volunteer hours.
  8. t&g0913

    best long steeve tshirts to wear under scrubs?

    Forever 21 has some great ones for $3.90 and they come in lots of colors
  9. t&g0913

    Help! Drug Screen for My Prescribed meds!

    Yes, the will call you and no, your employee will not know what prescriptions you take. Once the medical review officer calls you and verifies your prescription, it will be reported as a "pass" to your employer.
  10. ATI or youtube would have good instructional videos.
  11. I'm confused...you do have a current CNA license, right? I'm not sure why you would email them. If you really felt like emailing them, I would say something like, "I have a valid CNA license but I received it 10 years ago, what refresher courses do you suggest?" That makes you look motivated and like you want to be prepared, not like you just blew off the class the first time around.
  12. I'm in a 2nd degree program that's 12 months but I think our traditional program is only 16 months....I don't know much about the traditional program but I would definitely think you could work during that
  13. t&g0913

    Working PRN for paragon?

    No, paragon is legitimately terrible. I used them for my infusion equipment and medication last year. I used the one in Texas, so hopefully it was just a regional problem.
  14. t&g0913

    Pre-employment drug screening

    If you have a non-expired script for it, it won't matter if it shows up. If it's prn for pain and months old you're fine. If it says "take 1 every 4 hours for 10 days" you might have a problem
  15. t&g0913

    OU ABSN applicants for 2015 start

    I am! But not by much, I'm in Texas lol
  16. t&g0913

    A&M Round Rock 2nd degree 2015

    We had to accept/decline by last Monday (10/27) but we didn't have to put money down until 11/01...so I bet spots will open up from people accepting but not paying by 11/01!