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  1. jlp10

    South university FNP

    Hello! I've been looking through FNP programs and wanted more insight on South University. Did they provide clinical placements? Were you able to take one class at a time? Was it an asynchronous program? Any on-site visits? I've been trying to get a hold of the advisor but haven't heard anything. Thanks for any insight!
  2. jlp10

    FNP PROGRAM United States University

    Thank you for your response! Glad to hear you’re liking the program. Would you say it is doable while working? I currently work 5 8’s and just want to make sure doing the course load will be manageable while working full time. Is this an asynchronous program? Or are there online lectures and classes to attend?
  3. jlp10

    FNP PROGRAM United States University

    Those are all definitely understandable and great reasons!! My concern is the finding your own Clinicals and preceptors, I heard that can be the most stressful part of FNP school and I’ve read that sometimes dishing out the extra money is worth it to have the school find clinical placements.
  4. jlp10

    FNP PROGRAM United States University

    Thank you for your response!! If you don’t mind me asking, what were your specific reasons for ultimately deciding to go with USU?
  5. jlp10

    FNP PROGRAM United States University

    Hello! I am highly considering United States University for my FNP program! Did you have to find your own clinical sites? (I am Out-of-state)
  6. jlp10

    Aesthetic RN vs Aesthetic NP

    Hello, I am a RN with a BSN that has a background in NICU and PACU outpatient surgery. I am extremely interested in aesthetics and I am debating if I should get into the field as a RN and gain experience first (I've seen RN's open their own injectables practice and make bank but I've also heard that RN's that work at a medspa is a dog eat dog world and is commission-based) OR just go back to school and start my aesthetics career as a FNP? In addition, I am debating on whether to go the MSN or DNP route? I know the MSN is obviously much cheaper and can start practicing as a NP sooner but it is said that a DNP will be the new criteria come 2025 so I'd like to just be smart on what route I take. Also, if any FNP's know of any good/reasonably priced programs that would be amazing! ANY advice, suggestions, comments are greatly appreciated!!
  7. jlp10

    Maricopa CEP wait time?

    Hi Future nurses, I just graduated from Phoenix College nursing program and I know of nursing books for sale for any of the maricopa community college nursing programs (both as a whole set and individual books)! Please reach out if you all are looking for a great deal on the books (over 60% off of retail price!)

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