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  1. tambat

    Nclex exam California May 2019

    Hmm im not sure, I believe Your rn license normally pops up on the brn website within 2-3 days after taking the nclex if you passed. At least thats how it was for my friends and I back in December
  2. I am applying to jobs in California as a new graduate rn bsn. I have an interview for a position as an assessment and referral clinician at a local psych hospital. From what a friend who worked there stated, Basically you assess patients via phone or through walk-ins and judge if they should be admitted into the hospital or not. There are little to no clinical skills provided except vitals. The pay is $32.60/hour as a nurse in Cali which is on the lower spectrum. Should I take the job just so i can say I have some work experience or should I keep looking? Is having non-clinical RN experience better or worse than having no experience at all? Also is starting low bad long term, or it doesn't really matter?
  3. I did have 6 months CNA experience, and an AA in general studies. I started the program when I was 20 y/o, so no I did not have a previous bachelors. Yes, I was a first time applicant, and got in right away. I wouldn't sweat it too much
  4. I actually graduated from Ventura College Nursing Program. Many programs no longer have waitlists, its all point based. To original poster, You'll be fine. I had an A in Physio and B in both Micro and Anatomy and an 80.7% on my TEAS V and got into both VC and Moorpark. Do well on your TEAS and you should have no issue getting in
  5. So I graduated RN school in Dec 2017, got my license after 2 NCLEX attempts in Dec 2018, and will be finished with my BSN/PHN next week May 2019. During my ADN program, I had a really hard time throughout nursing school, not only in class but clinical as well. I had to repeat my first semester due to not passing a skills check off, and I had a couple of close calls during my third semester during both clinical and lecture that really crushed my confidence and left me constantly unsure of myself. During my preceptorship, I really struggled, not so much with doing skills, but really managing my time and even knowing what the heck I was supposed to be doing for the day. I am terrified that even though I went through nursing school, I still have no freaking clue what I am supposed to be doing. Though I passed my NCLEX back in December, I delayed applying to jobs since I would be done with my BSN in less than 6 months. Now that the time has come, I just feel scared. I need advice :( TIA
  6. Hi, I'm currently 22 years old and about to finish my third semester of my ADN program in California. I just calculated my grades and know that I can not get more than a C this semester. How our program works is you take one class that incorporates lecture, lab, and clinical, they usually range from 8-9.5 units, so naturally getting a B or C in one class that is so heavily weighted will drop your overall GPA considerably. I Have received B's my first two semesters (8.5, 9.5 units) and my overall GPA including all classes I have taken since starting college is at a 3.37 My worry is that due to my low GPA I will not get into a BSN program or get hired. BSN programs in California are extremely competitive especially at state schools. Did you have difficulty finding a job or transferring to a BSN program with a low GPA?
  7. Yes, I have a current CNA license, but no longer work as a CNA. When I did work as a CNA, I worked NOC shifts and really needed help from other CNAs to finish my shifts. The reason I am worried is because, I looked at my clinical guidelines workbook and saw that on Week 1 we have check offs on skills such as making an occupied bed, oral mouth care etc. (Basic CNA skills) however I do not feel confident in my abilities to perform them textbook perfect, especially when I don't have my CNA textbook anymore. My school does not provide refresher courses, unless I take a CNA course, while taking my RN course, which is impossible since the clinical times overlap.
  8. So I'm in a bit of a pickle, and am very nervous to begin my nursing program. I begin nursing school in approximately two weeks and it is freaking me out. The reason being is that in my program, we must have our CNA license prior to applying to the program and be competent in those skills as well as anatomy, physio, and micro. I did well in all my pre-reqs, however My issue is, I did my CNA licensing when I was 16 and did not take it seriously what so ever. I passed my state boards honestly by a fluke. (I got really easy skills: ROM lower body, feeding pt with NAS diet, and measuring HR.), However if you asked me, "Please make an occupied bed, or closed bed, do peri care, or put a gait belt on this patient. I would probably be a lost puppy. The school that I went to, honestly did not care if we did things right or wrong, and when we did check offs, our instructor wouldn't really check to see if we did things 100% correct, we would just go up to her and have her sign a paper. I worked as a CNA for a bit and found out just how badly I was struggling. Doing things textbook perfect vs in the nursing home setting is different and I really could not do much without another CNA's help. I am competent in some skills like vitals and dressing a pt with an effected limb etc, but I struggle with basic skills ESPECIALLY bed making. I am worried because I did not take the CNA course at the college, I do not know what to expect, and I do not know what they expect us to know? So finally, should I email my professor letting her know this situation prior to beginning the program? What would be the repercussions? Also, HOW should I phrase this email? I don't want to get kicked out of my program before it even begins, so please help EDIT: My nursing program expects us to be competent in CNA skills prior to beginning the program. I looked at my clinical guidelines and just started freaking out a bit :/ I have not gone to orientation yet, so maybe I am wrong, but just seeing that check off list really scared me
  9. tambat

    I really want to be a nurse but..

    Hi there! Honestly, so many people love to tell others that "it is impossible" Well you know what? It's not. I am currently 20 years old and have been accepted to three public nursing programs so far. I remember my nursing counselors telling me not to take any other classes with my pre-requisite courses, because people fail. I didn't barely graduate high school but I did fail a class and basically had to sit with sophomores during my senior year, so I definitely wasn't a star student. When I began college, I took well over 14 units every semester, finished my AA degree and nursing pre-requisites simultaneously and worked part time as a CNA. YOU CAN DO IT!! My dad would always tell me this quote, when I was studying and wanted to give up. He said "The easiest thing to do is give up, Anyone can give up. But to hold it together when everyone would expect you to fall apart, now that is true strength.”
  10. tambat

    How old are you?

    20 years old. Will be starting nursing school in September!
  11. So good news. I ended up with a B in Micro! Sure it may not have been an A but I didn't get a C like I thought I was.
  12. Right now I have a 3.3 overall (not including this semester). Just this semester Fall 2014: I will most likely have a 3.27 so I don't know what my gpa will be overall My grades in Anatomy and Physio were better because I didn't have as many responsibilities. Yes I was still taking multiple classes but I actually enjoyed those classes. I was excited to go to class and learn the material. This semester I just didn't find that excitement Also I was juggling school. work and applications. College Applications, Nursing applications... they were such a pain and were just super stressful.
  13. Hi everyone, *Sorry if this is going to come off as a rant but I need to tell someone who understands what I am going through.* So I just took my micro final, and I am pretty sure I bombed it, so at best I am going to be getting a C in micro. I feel so mad and disappointed because I could have done better. Suffice to say, I was juggling a lot. Working three days a week as a CNA, taking four classes plus microbiology, I don't know it was just a lot. I know it's no excuse for doing poorly but I'm just so disappointed and jealous of my classmates. The majority of my classmates were taking just microbiology. Also almost everyone in my class had already had taken microbiology before, it's just not fair. I have so much pressure right now to do well, and if I don't get in I don't know what I am supposed to do while I wait? Or if I'll ever get in. I am currently 20 years old and I am done with all my pre-requisites and General Education. Now I have no clue what I am supposed to do? Anatomy: B (had a 89% and my teacher didn't give me the A ) Physiology: A Microbiology: C (most likely) NOTE: My college does not allow you to retake classes if you have passed them already.

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