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    Family Practice

    Thank you for your responses and for sharing a patient case! It’s very helpful to get input from those who have been in practice. That patient case is exactly why I would be concerned—- If for some reason the patient responds poorly due to a misdiagnosis or reaction to a medication. I would prefer to refer all patients if I could, but uncertain if that would be accepted by the practice. My FNP program had one class on psych, but did not have a clinical rotation so there was no hands on experience in evaluating patients and medication management.
  2. NP14

    Family Practice

    For any NPs who work in a family practice setting, how much of your patient population is treated for psych conditions and when would you refer these patients to psychiatrists?
  3. NP14

    NP resources

    What would you recommend as a good book/reference for family practice?
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    Has anyone gone through an interview process where an e-mail was not received from the employer with details about the next steps in the interview process, including scheduled interviews? I was working with a recruiting specialist, who both spoke to me via phone and confirmed information by e-mail with scheduled interview times. I later received a phone call from another recruiting specialist, who said she was in contact with the former recruiter who I spoke with. I was told that her call was to inquire about my availability to come in for two in-person interviews. She said that she would e-mail me right away with the information. The following day, I received a voicemail message from the provider at the practice location indicating he is calling to provide me with information about the practice and he is uncertain of where I am in the interview process. A personal cell phone number was left in the voicemail message, which is not his own cell phone number. I checked my e-mail and there are no messages from the recruiter about the interviews for next week or that I was going to receive a phone call from the provider prior to that time. Would anyone be skeptical about calling a personal versus a business phone number for a phone screening interview, without an e-mail confirming this was going to take place?