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  1. FQHC salaries? I GOT QUESTIONS!

    Hello all, To keep it short, I'm about half way done with my DNP in midwifery expecting to graduate 5/2020. There's a representative from the HRSA loan repayment program coming on campus next month to discuss scholarship, loan repayments, etc. My goa...
  2. Nursing students who want to be NP's

    Oh no. That sounds scary! I hear what everyone on this board is saying... I see both sides. I'm currently in a DNP program at the #4 school for midwifery in the country. I have a year of L&D under my belt and I dont graduate until 2020. Just base...
  3. Applying for a job listed as FT but u need PT?

    honestly, i would consider that option but im in for the long haul with this degree. It's a four year program and I couldnt imagine missing every weekend for 3 more years! Thank you! I have heard this unit is booming and in need of nurses desperately...
  4. Applying for a job listed as FT but u need PT?

    Hello all! I have a quickie question about applying for part time jobs that are listed with FT hours. A little background, I have been a nurse for almost 2 years. All in OB. I dropped to PT in my current job because I decided to start a DNP program w...
  5. WHY do so many people hate nursing? Sigh.

    I don't think it's fair to say new grads aren't pulling their weight. Explain what you mean. Im a new grad of 8 months and I'm 100% certain I'm pulling all of my weight . I do my job, start report on time, and leave on time nearly every day. Hardly e...
  6. PP to Labor?

    I should add that I was told I would cross train in 6-12 months at this job. It seems like a lie now because staffing is a revolving door and a long list of people waiting to do it. Also, the labor girls seem to think 12 weeks isn't enough to really ...
  7. PP to Labor?

    Hello everyone! I'm wondering has anyone transitioned from PP to high risk L/D and antepartum. I've been working PP at a small community hospital for 7 months. By no means am I claiming to have mastered PP but 95% of my nights consist of breastfeedin...
  8. How is it fair to put PRN nurses on call?

    Our manager has done this lately because pretty much everyone on my shift has less than a year of experience. I don't mind being called off in this situation because it sucks where I work badly, another new grad would be in charge, and we'd have no s...
  9. From PP to Medo Surg?

    I hear you except I've considered all of that. A friend of mine works for a hospital that really takes care of their new grads. She's med surg and the stores I tell her are unbelievable to her. Her manager is 100% supportive, she has a schedule that ...
  10. From PP to Medo Surg?

    Hello all, Has anyone switched from PP to med surg successfully? I love working in OB but I hate my facility. Poor staffing, night shift, new grads in charge, poor management, etc. are making me want to leave nursing for good. Ive been here for 7 mon...
  11. 1 month new ICU job. I want to run

    Did you read her post? She's been an ER nurse for 3 years. She's not a new grad just new to the specialty
  12. St Xavier University (anyone go here)

    Nursing class sizes: less than 30-40 Clincal: about 8 No ATI OR Hesi to pass the class but ATI assessment at the end of the semester to gauge where your level of understanding is Some prof more helpful than others. Peer tutors available 77% to pass....
  13. L&D vs Postpartum ... literally

    It's the same way at my job lol. I'm on the PP side of things. My problem is the same as yours except the labor nurses are so clique-y and don't associate with PP. I try to smile or make jokes and they just stare blankly. Frankly, I don't care anymor...
  14. Forgot to put narcotic back in Pyxis

    She never said she took it out on the PCA's account. She said she took it out before the PCA asked for help with a different patient.
  15. Accused of sleeping

    Well yes I would. I was just wondering what the rules were. On my floor, it's relatively common for night nurses to take turns taking a break, whatever that means is up to you. Similiar, if its slow on days and someone isnt feeling well. We don't hav...