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  1. xxdiscoxxheaven

    Nursing students who want to be NP's

    Oh no. That sounds scary! I hear what everyone on this board is saying... I see both sides. I'm currently in a DNP program at the #4 school for midwifery in the country. I have a year of L&D under my belt and I dont graduate until 2020. Just based on my curriculum now, i dont see how more time in L&D and not being in school would help me. People are neglecting to realize that there are years of pre requisites before you ever even see a patient. Im taking advanced physiology, statistics and epidemiology, nursing informatics....nothing i do as a floor nurse even reaches that stuff. I plan to work my way through school because I know my experience is ESSENTIAL to midwifery. I can read a strip and intervene. I just dont think waiting would be beneficial as im in a place in my life where I can focus on grad school. When it's all said and done, I'll have 4+ years of L&D experience (and7 months of mom baby) when this program is over. Waiting would make me less likely to do it. Just my 2 cents.
  2. xxdiscoxxheaven

    Applying for a job listed as FT but u need PT?

    honestly, i would consider that option but im in for the long haul with this degree. It's a four year program and I couldnt imagine missing every weekend for 3 more years! Thank you! I have heard this unit is booming and in need of nurses desperately so I hope they will be flexible!
  3. xxdiscoxxheaven

    Applying for a job listed as FT but u need PT?

    Hello all! I have a quickie question about applying for part time jobs that are listed with FT hours. A little background, I have been a nurse for almost 2 years. All in OB. I dropped to PT in my current job because I decided to start a DNP program with 3 classes a semester. 3 nights a week at work plus 3 classes just couldn't work out. Now, my work place has gone through a merger, we have extra nurses meaning extra downstaffs. I have tuition to pay! Plus I want to work with CNMs who deliver because that is what my degree is in. I found a job at a hospital that I really like but it is listed for FT nights which I cant do obviously. Can i apply anyways and just be upfront in the interview about my needs. I won't be applying for benefits at this time...I just really need part time hours to balance all of this! Thanks!
  4. xxdiscoxxheaven

    Unexpected pregnancy in nursing school?!

    I've seen a few people go through this. One girl stayed until then end and wasn't restricted from clinical. She had the baby right before finals and came in to take the final and passed. Another decided to take a semester off, have the baby, and came back this fall to finish. ANOTHER girl I work with had her baby the day after graduation. It can work out but remember two things: 1. Every pregnancy is different. You could be extremely sick with hyperemesis, pre eclampsia, etc. That may make clinicals and school really challenging. 2. Babies come when they want and it's hardly ever on their exact due date. You can't exactly plan everything. Good luck!
  5. xxdiscoxxheaven

    New grads are expensive...really?

    But that isn't exclusive to new grads right? Experienced nurses on my floor get a 12 week orientation as well
  6. xxdiscoxxheaven

    How do you think I will fare as a CNA?

    Nah. You will be fine lol
  7. To learn to type faster, I googled online typing tests and did them in my spare time at work. Really helped, was 100% free, and easy!
  8. xxdiscoxxheaven

    Any chamberlain grads from Tinley Park?

    Move this to an illinois not Missouri program. Chamberlain is expensive, much more than JJC because they take people who couldn't get in elsewhere or got dropped from another program. With that being said, I've met there graduates a several hospitals. They have jobs
  9. xxdiscoxxheaven

    Fetal demise

    I have had a couple of these patients myself this past month. It was complicated by the fact that they didn't speak English. I didn't bring it up to one of them....she was much too quiet when her husband was around. The other I gave a book on infant loss. I don't think you absolutely have to bring it up. Not every patient is the same. I agree about never knowing what is the right thing to say. I really don't bring it up unless they ask or have questions just because I don't want to make them cry if they aren't already.
  10. xxdiscoxxheaven

    I know the pros, but what are the cons of NICU nursing

    1. Hostile parents who don't understand why the baby can't " "come home. They look fine". 2. Parents who pretty much abandon their child once the mom gets discharged. 3. Parents who refused to be educated by you, especially if you don't have kids
  11. xxdiscoxxheaven

    Assisting with Circumcisions

    One hospital I was at had THE RN do time out and Pct stay to assist. Hospital I work out now has a nursery or mother baby RN present for circ
  12. xxdiscoxxheaven

    Too early to think about grad school?

    Hi! Actually, the majority of WHNP programs I've researched only require 1 year. UIC, Duke, Georgetown, Vanderbilt, etc. all say one year experience. Thanks for your reply!
  13. xxdiscoxxheaven

    Too early to think about grad school?

    I think I'd change my FTE as long as I could afford it so I could work and go to school. I would never just quit. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement!
  14. xxdiscoxxheaven

    Too early to think about grad school?

    Hello all! I'm a new grad nurse from may 2015. I've been working for 2 months on a busy postpartum floor. Orientation is coming to an end very shortly. I've begun to seriously consider my next move after i have a year on the floor. I always knew that I wouldn't want to stay as a floor nurse forever from my 1st nursing clinical. I like what I do but the hours are less than ideal (4 8 hour shifts 11-7am) and I have already begun to hate the politics of hospital work. I miss my family and friends. Sometimes, I feel more like a well paid waitress than a nurse. I've been researching women's health NP programs and I am sure I'd really enjoy that profession in the future. I LOVED working for an OB/GYN office while in school and saw myself in that role in the future. Is a year of experience enough? I want to be good at what I do and well rounded. I dont have kids or any plans to be married. I will be training to L&D early next year so I would see both those sides to the birthing process. I'd appreciate some advice!
  15. xxdiscoxxheaven

    Taking vitals - what to do when you can't feel radial pulse?

    Couldn't you just listen to their heart and count if you carry a stethoscope? You are assessing whether they have a pulse just the number of beats right?
  16. xxdiscoxxheaven

    New Grad need Advice

    How about a clinic, doctors office, or adult day care type option?