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  1. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, so I'm sorry if it's not and please move it to the right forum if possible for me, thank you. I have a friend who is a new grad, been working at a skilled nursing facility for about 3 months. She was oriented and trained for only 4 days. Yes, it is bad that she took the job when the training was so short, but what had been done already been done . Her usual schedule is AM shift, but on the day that she made a mistake, she was on pm shift covering for someone else. So this was like her 1st time working on the PM shift, on a Saturday with no supervisor. She is an RN, but working on a med cart as a charge nurse. The nurse/patient ratio at this facility is 1:26 with 2 CNAs in the pm. The shift got really busy right at the start with a new admission, and a hard stick resident whose IV for hydration came out (she's on g/j tube too). Then about 2 hours in, she got another admission. She was just overwhelmed overall. This is when the event happened...She made a med error by giving a resident metformin when the resident blood sugar was at 75. The resident didn't eat his dinner, so later he was found unresponsive. His blood sugar was at 28 when they checked. Glucagon and 911 was called. The resident was transferred to the E.R. The next day, we called the hospital to check the resident's status. His blood sugar was up to 96, more alert and responsive, and will stay at the hospital for a few days for monitoring. My friend is really devastated and knows that she made a huge mistake. She apologized to the family, the DON, and everyone else who's involved. She can't sleep, cry, and all that. The DON took my friend off the schedule and suspended her indefinitely (my friend also signed this form). Well, now the questions are... 1. Would this status "indefinite suspension" going to hurt my friend's future employment? 2. Would it stay in her record if there is back ground check done? 3. What can she do now? 4. What does indefinite suspension mean? Does it mean that she is suspended until the facility decided on what to do with her? 5. What if my friend decided to not come back to work even if the facility takes her back? 6. How can she keep her status clean? I'm sorry, my friend and I are both new to the world of nursing and would like to hear any advices. Please focus on what she can do now, instead of what she should have/have not done. Thank you all very much, we both really appreciate it.
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    indefinite suspension because of med error

    Sorry, I didn't have time to respond until now...So it has come to an end. The DON changed her mind and my friend (yes, it is really about my friend, i respect the people in the forum so I try not to lie) has escaped the indefinite suspension (thank god). I don't know the details yet, but it's not really important at this point. Thanks to all those who have contributed, we both really appreciated it. Not to leave the story hanging. The resident is A&Ox4, he is there as a skilled patient, he is post surgery for left fracture hip. The pm shift is really busy usually with all the sun downers and with less staff, so by the time the staff found out that he was unresponsive in his room it was too late. And yes, there was another medication that was given in addition to the metformin (I should have gathered more facts before posting), and it was glipizide.
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    indefinite suspension because of med error

    The dinner tray was on his table and he was alert when it was delivered. The medication then was given, but I guess he slept instead of eating it. When we found him unresponsive his tray was still full, untouched. He also did take a few bites of the snacks before dinner, but not much. There have been no other disciplinary occurrences that I know of. The surveyor is coming soon and a mock survey has been done, so there has been a lot of strict rules being enforced at the facility. Could this be it? The facility was also recently bought by the current company (a few months back), so most of the upper management are new (administrator, DON, ADON, etc). Is it too late to turn in a resignation letter (to avoid the indefinite suspension staying on record) when the indefinite suspension form already signed?
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    Opinions please

    I haven't been able to respond to this post. I've emailed a few of my professors and an ex hospital manager and they're all saying that it's neutral to both sides and they have seen this done to per diem nurses before. So thanks everyone!!
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    Opinions please

    Hello, currently I'm working at a skilled nursing facility as a per diem. Today, I turn in my resignation letter because I don't think I'm fit for the job as a new grad (been there for about 6 weeks so far). The manager told me that it's too much paper work, so she'll just put me as not available on her schedule for work, and after 3 months the system will drop me. She told me this does not mean that I get fired, it just means something like a separation between 2 parties (when I'm available for work, they don't need me and when they need me I'm not available). I've never heard or seen anything like this happen, so please enlighten me. Thank you.
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    Scripps Fall/Winter New Grad Residency 2014/2015

    i submitted mine at 8:45 am on that day, status still says "submission received." So don't feel bad lol
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    Opinions please

    Thanks TheCommuter! This gives me peace of mind. The DON is really nice to me, so it's the least that I can do for her, just as long as it doesn't affect my future. But now, knowing that it will be neutral, I can live with that. What would I put in future job application if they asked "the reason for leaving?" Is there like a specific term for it? Would I use "auto-termination?" Thanks.
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    Opinions please

    Thanks everyone! I thought per diem means they call you when they need you (or at least that's what the DON/my manager told me), so it's the same as prn right? I have no schedule at all, I just come in for work when they call me, sometimes they need me right away and it was up to me to say yes or no. To be honest, I dont know if the DSD considered HR or not? When I got hired, I was doing the paper work with the DSD and the DON.

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