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    Hello, on the same topic.... I am an RN. Just graduated. How does a new RN become a dialysis RN? I FIND MANY POSTINGS, ALL REQUIRING EXPERIENCE. HOW DOES ONE INITIALLY OBTAIN THE EXPERIENCE?....
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    Scarred? Need help new Rn

    Help, new NY RN Grad having issues w the death of my last patient 1 week prior to my graduation. I feel like I've lost my footing; can't focus, can't pull my resume & cover letter together... i.e. I'm in a rut. I'm also having substantial anxiety regarding the "preferred BSN" & needs "1-2 post graduate exp". How the heck do I get in, step down to CNA for 2yrs?! I have 2 current years clinical experience. Graduated w/honors. I have tons of regulatory- compliance & finance experience. I also use to be a case manager of acute & LTC group homes (but years ago). Can anyone suggest someone to help me streamline my resume (major anxiety). And does anyone know which if any of these "internship", ST1/StaRN" 'new grad training programs' are legitimate? And how to get in & to which one? I am willing to travel to get training & my foot in the door! For now, I'm questioning everything since the loss of my pt. The downtime is killing me & the anxiety of how to get a job out here outside the city seems minimal. Sincerely, SGould sgould01@hotmail.com