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Help, new NY RN Grad having issues w the death of my last patient 1 week prior to my graduation. I feel like I've lost my footing; can't focus, can't pull my resume & cover letter together... i.e. I'm in a rut. I'm also having substantial anxiety regarding the "preferred BSN" & needs "1-2 post graduate exp". How the heck do I get in, step down to CNA for 2yrs?! I have 2 current years clinical experience. Graduated w/honors. I have tons of regulatory- compliance & finance experience. I also use to be a case manager of acute & LTC group homes (but years ago).

Can anyone suggest someone to help me streamline my resume (major anxiety).

And does anyone know which if any of these "internship", ST1/StaRN" 'new grad training programs' are legitimate? And how to get in & to which one? I am willing to travel to get training & my foot in the door! For now, I'm questioning everything since the loss of my pt. The downtime is killing me & the anxiety of how to get a job out here outside the city seems minimal.




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To OP - Welcome to AN.

I realize that you're reaching out to members for information and support but we usually STRONGLY recommend members to remain anonymous by NOT posting their real name and real email addresses. Even on this site, there is no way to know who is really here to help you and not just some of knut.

Good luck.