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  1. Seattle Children's November 2021 RN Residency

    I’m going to be on a rotator shift with classes on Thursdays.
  2. Seattle Children's November 2021 RN Residency

    I accepted CICU! Where is everyone else? My partner got a NICU spot and we’re excited to meet our NICU and CICU buddies!
  3. Hi all! I just accepted an New Grad RN Residency in a Pediatric CICU at a large Children's Hospital. I am both excited and terrified for this journey! Does anyone who works in PICU or PCICU have any book recommendations that might be helpful for a ne...
  4. Seattle Children's November 2021 RN Residency

    I got an interview invite for the Critical Care Track! I think a bunch of them went out at 1:30 this morning because my partner also got one at the exact same time. Good luck everyone!
  5. Seattle Children's November 2021 RN Residency

    Hi everyone! I applied for NICU, PICU, and CICU. I was lucky enough to do my senior practicum in the PICU at Seattle Children’s. I also did my pediatric clinical on the surgical unit there as well. As far as work experience, I’m an LPN (I currently w...
  6. Seattle University BSN Fall 2020

    No problem! They typically accept 80 people for the cohort, maybe a few more since they know some people will choose other schools to go to. When I interviewed last year, my interviewers told me that they had selected around 175 to interview. They do...
  7. Seattle University BSN Fall 2020

    Hi everyone! Like @RubyDS, I am also a current Junior transfer student at SU who relied heavily on an allnurses thread to help me get through the application/interview process. The one question I got asked that took a moment for me to compile an answ...
  8. Seattle University Transfer 2019

    I could be wrong but I think it’s the opposite. For SU, your math class has to be taken within 10 years of starting and your stats and science classes within 5 years. I’m stuck retaking general biology right now before I start SU in the fall since I ...
  9. Seattle University Transfer 2019

    Thanks Cheese23! I’ll go ahead and delete mine and join that one instead. And thank you RubyDS!
  10. Seattle University Transfer 2019

    Ugh I wish I could go but I have a test tomorrow evening! RubyDS, no one has joined yet, but I created a Facebook group if you’d like to join! the name of it is Seattle University Nursing T...
  11. Seattle University Transfer 2018

    Hi guys! I just wanted to let you all know I just now created a Facebook page for our class. You can search "Seattle University Nursing Transfer Cohort 2021" to find it and join. Let me know if any of you are also willing to be admins!
  12. UW Transfer BSN 2019

    Congrats to everyone that got in! I was denied, but I was accepted into Seattle University so it looks like I'm a Redhawk! Maybe I will run into some of you guys at clinical. Congrats again!
  13. Seattle University Transfer 2019

    Thank you for the info, Cheese23! Ugh, I really hope the advisor has some suggestions for you. It’s unfortunate that school tuition is so pricey these days! Keep your chin up!
  14. Seattle University Transfer 2019

    Has anyone heard about financial aid and scholarship awards from SU? I didn't receive any information about it in my admissions packet and can't find anything about it on MySU. I hope we hear about financial aid soon!
  15. Seattle University Transfer 2019

    BrianaMarie, I am also having the same problem. I can’t seem to find my financial aid info.