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  1. Wonderlan

    RN License endorsement to IL

    Hi everyone, I am new RN from New York State. I foreign nurse and have residence here. I wan wondering if I need to do TOFEL test to get license of Illinois state or not. Plz if anyone has gone through it waiting for response. Thank you
  2. Wonderlan

    Safety and infection control poor

    Thank you so much everyone for valuable response, just now I saw my result I pass on 75 question.
  3. Wonderlan

    Safety and infection control poor

    Kathrene, thanks for your advice ........I know it's late but till date I was doing oky on this topic like around 55- 70 % but today I got just 45 % so I thought there may be something last I have to know. I am not too confident about dressing portion if u could help....
  4. Wonderlan

    Safety and infection control poor

    Hi everyone, my exam is tomorrow and till today my safety and infection control is really poor. Plz need quick advice since I am giving tomorrow I don't want to loose..plzzzzzzzz
  5. Congratulation!!! What was your hurst review score and how did u managed the SATA question.